Super mutants chains are a piece of armor in Fallout 4.


Super mutant chains provide a Damage Resistance of 3 and an Energy Resistance of 5. The chains are considered as a piece of clothing, in that they can be worn by Strong with other pieces of armor over them and by the Sole Survivor.


The chains are often worn by super mutants encountered in the wasteland but they can only be recovered in the following locations :


  • Equipping this item will unequip any other underarmor the Sole Survivor currently wearing, however if they are already wearing the super mutant chains, the Sole Survivor may equip any other underarmor without unequipping the super mutant chains. This will also work with full sets like the hazmat suit.
  • The chains do not appear on the Sole Survivor's model, but they still receive the benefit.
  • They are not modifiable, as with the rest of the super mutant armor.