FilmThe following is based on the canceled Fallout movie and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Super mutants are creatures found in California in 2102, and were going to appear in the Fallout movie.


The Master created super mutants from humans that he captured from vaults and in the LA basin after finding out that the FEV that he developed to help those that couldn't get into a vault survive the hostile, radioactive conditions of the wastes. He found out this also carried super-human side effects, and this encouraged him further.[1]

Scholar was turned into a mutant in the film,[2] and the Master had hoped to turn Hero and Female Officer into a mutated, fertile 'Adam and Eve'.[3]



Super mutants measure around 9ft in height, and weigh in at 500lbs. They walk on two legs, and have a skeletal structure; it is interesting that the film treatment makes a point of mentioning this. Furthermore, it is one of the only creatures that has been invariably proved to have a skeleton. According to the film treatment, they are also seemingly impervious to bullets. [4] However, this is seemingly contradicted at the end as the vault dwellers manage to defeat them, although there is no mention of how they are killed or the vault dwellers having energy weapons.[5]

These are suggested to be necessary for dispatching them, as Max uses it to escape from capture and free Hero and Female Officer. Further, the plasma rifle he uses is the only time a weapon is mentioned specifically by type.[6]

All the super mutants are sterile, and so this is why the Master has to find fresh test subjects in order to build on previous formulæ and create fertile mutants.[7]


Presumably, there were to be minor variations in the super mutants as it was noted that the master had tried numerous genetic combinations in attempts to perfect his formula, This, therefore, would suggest that there were variations in the results from which he could work out where to improve.[8]


Super mutants were meant to appear in the canceled Fallout movie by Interplay Films.


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