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For the Fallout 3 location, see Super-Duper Mart (Fallout 3).
For the Fallout 4 location, see Super Duper Mart (Fallout 4).
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From groceries to electronics, gardening supplies to home decor, Super-Duper Mart has it all!

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Super-Duper Mart was a pre-War retail corporation that operated a chain of grocery stores and supermarkets.


The Super-Duper Marts chain operated chains stores throughout the United States and offered a wide variety of foods like Salisbury Steak and BlamCo Mac & Cheese and household products like Abraxo cleaner, gardening supplies and home décor. Some stores, like that in Lexington also had a cafeteria that offered customers hot coffee, espresso, tea and other hot beverages as well as snack food. Though only two Super-Duper Marts appear in the Fallout-series and both are on the east coast, advertisements can also be seen in the Mojave region, suggesting that Super-Duper Mart had stores across pre-War America.



Super-Duper Marts appear in Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and Fallout Shelter, while advertisements appear in Fallout: New Vegas.


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