The Sunset Sarsaparilla headquarters entries are a collection of terminals entries from the Sunset Sarsaparilla headquarters in Fallout: New Vegas.

Marcus Brody's terminalEdit

This terminal is found in the southeast area of the factory floor, in a Very Hard locked room.


Welcome, Mr. Brody!

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HDY074 reports a servo failure!
HDY074 reports all systems OK!
HDY019 &291 report a line malfunction!
HDY117 reports oil maintenance needed soon!
PRO802 reports a weapon malfunction!
HDY019 & 291 report all is OK!
HDY117 reports all systems OK!
PRO802 reports weapon OK!
HDY074 reports a line malfunction!

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HDY117 reports an actuator failure!
PRO496 reports minor structural damage!
HDY291 reports a line malfunction!
HDY074 reports oil maintenance needed soon!
HDY019 reports a line malfunction!
HDY019 & 291 report all is OK!
HDY019 & 291 report inactivity!
HDY074 reports inactivity!
HDY074, 019, & 291 report inactivity!

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PRO931 reports an intruder!
PRO931 reports major structural damage!
HDY291 & 074 report major structural damage!
PRO802 & 496 report intruder!
PRO802 & 496 report major structural damage!
PRO805 & 014 report major structural damage!
PRO446 reports the intruder has been injured!
PRO446 reports major structural damage!
HDY117 reports major structural damage!

Miss Paige's terminalEdit

Very Easy locked terminal, located on the second floor, in an office room, south on the map.


Welcome, Miss Paige! The president has no new messages since the last time you logged in.

Check saved inbox messagesEdit

What contest?Edit


From: Nathan Stanley, Director of PR
Subject: What contest?

Body: Sir, the rumors of some sort of contest are quickly growing out of control. We're getting flooded with calls and messages asking if it's true we're redeeming bottle caps for prizes. Do you man me to make an official statement denouncing this rumor?

How's your new toy?Edit


From: Lucas Nash, VP of sales, RobCo Corp.
Subject: How do you like your new toy?

Body: Kenneth, I hope you've been impressed thus far with your recent purchase. Your company has been and continues to be a valued customer. Contact me if you have any questions.

Saved sent messagesEdit

RE: What contest?Edit


To: Nathan Stanley, Director of PR
Subject: RE: What contest?

Body: Stanley, are you out of your mind? Have you seen the lastest sales figures? We're up 300% since these rumors started and you're asking if I want to make it stop? Please stop by my office so we can further discuss the issue.

While the iron is hotEdit


To: Marcus Brody, VP of Technology
Subject: while the iron is hot

Body: Marcus, I have a few ideas about how we can turn this whole contest situation to out advantage. I'm going to need you to work with the advertising guys on a very special project. A meeting request will be sent out soon. By the way, how do you feel about the cowboys?

RE: How do you like your new toy?Edit


To: Lucas Nash, VP of Sales, RobCo Corp.
Subject: RE: How do you like your new toy?

Body: Lucas, I couldn't be happier with the performance of the new model. If it's current performance is any measure, it promises to reinvent my company's entire distribution network. I'd like to tentatively discuss purchasing a few more in the near future. How soon do you expect more to become available?

Custodian terminalEdit

Average locked terminal, located in Mr. Janitor's room, northeast area of the factory floor.

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Water leakEdit


From: Clark Weathers, VP or Operations
Subject: Water Leak

Body: Just letting you guys know we've had reports of a possible small water leak in the upstairs meeting room. The long term effects of water damage can be very, very expensive, so let's get this problem solved before it gets worse, shall we?

Great jobEdit


From: Kenneth Aguilar, President
Subject: Great Job

Body: I wanted to personally congratulate you on the success of the new automated janitorial system. In particular, #135 has proven very popular with the staff. I can't tell you how many complaints I sued to hear about stray bottle caps getting into the machinery. Oh, and we should have a meeting soon concerning the rest of the staff.
How's Tuesday?

Check maintenance systemEdit


Worker MHDY133 - Area: Hallways
Current Status: Unavailable

Worker MHDY134 - Area: Offices
Current Status - Unavailable

Worker MHDY135 - Area: Bottling, Shipping
Current Status: Standby

Shipping terminalEdit

Average locked terminal, on a desk in the northwest area of the large factory floor with all the crates.

Check messageEdit


To: Margie Walker, Truckers' Union Rep
Subject: Bad news

Body: I'll apologize up front if there are any mistakes in this message. I'm trying out a new dictation headset. Margie, the boss man just ordered some kind of newfangled robot that's supposed to take over some of your deliveries. I'm not supposed to talk about it, but you should hear about it soon. I'll write again when I know more. Do not pass this along.

Check draftEdit


To: Margie Walker, Truckers' Union Rep
Subject: Worse news

Body: We've got trouble. That hush-hush experimental robot I told you about the other day? The damn thing is single-handedly running all of our distribution in the Vegas area now. Your boys aren't on temporary leave. It's permanent. Damn, the president want to see me in his office. I'll finish this later.

Advertising terminalEdit

Terminal located in the office room on the ground floor, just above the center of the local map.


Annual Sales Report

Our performance in the east continues to improve, thanks to the new "Build Mass with Sass" campaign. The Northwest continues to be tough nut to crack, and continued slow growth is expected. Things are shaping up in the North - and Midwest, and the leader of those teams are to be commended. As usual, performance in the Southwest is strong. Overall, this has been a banner year for Sunset Sarsaparilla, and you should all be proud of yourselves.