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The Sunset Sarsaparilla company was a pre-War softdrink manufacturer, well known around Las Vegas for its eponymous Sunset Sarsaparilla drink.


Sunset Sarsaparilla was founded in 1918 (as stated in advertising), making it 126 years older than the Nuka-Cola Corporation.

According to Festus, the entire history of the Sunset Sarsaparilla corporation is as follows: a saloon owner one day decided to make a new type of soft drink. He asked his usual customers what flavor they would want it to be, but they were no help. But, a stranger at the end of the bar suggested he make a sarsaparilla flavored drink, and would give his family's recipe to the saloon owner if he got to sample a bottle to make sure the recipe was being followed to the letter. The saloon owner agreed, thinking it would make him rich. The stranger then left to meet him the next day at sundown. The next day, the saloon owner was told by the sheriff that the stranger was killed by bandits on the side of the town road. Cursing his luck, the saloon owner closed his store early that day, just as the sun began to set. But after he locked the doors, he found a bottle with a note under it sealed with blue wax in the shape of a star. Opening it, he found out that it was a recipe of a sarsaparilla-flavored drink. After sampling the contents of the bottle, and finding it "singularly delicious", began selling Sunset Sarsaparilla, soon opening a bottling plant in the west side of Las Vegas. Some time before the events of the Great War, the Nuka Cola Corporation attempted to buy out the Sunset Sarsaparilla company, but failed in doing so. In response to this failure, the Nuka Cola Corporation released Nuka-Cola Wild to directly compete with the successful west-coast exclusive beverage.

However, the star cap story is largely a promotional story with may have only a hint of truth. False rumors about a 'contest' involving specific Sunset Sarsaparilla bottle caps began to circulate around the bottling headquarters in Las Vegas, which in turn led to the announcement of the running "Legend of the Star" collection campaign. Stories of the contest became very distorted following the Great War, and the actual simple prize (which consisted of a retelling of the fictitious story by the company spokes bot and a small metal Sunset Sarsaparilla deputy badge) became a bloated tale of pre-War technology, weapons caches, and all sorts of other amazing loot.

Known facilitiesEdit

Sunset Sarsaparilla headquarters in New Vegas

Known employeesEdit

Known productsEdit

Sunset SarsaparillaEdit

Sunset bottle
Main article: Sunset Sarsaparilla

Sunset Sarsaparilla, although not very popular anywhere else, found a niche market in and around Las Vegas, but before the Great War, a rumor was sprouted up stating that if a person collected 50 special blue starred caps they would be rewarded with a prize. This shot up sales in every commonwealth in the United States and Canada, except for the Columbia Commonwealth and Eastern Commonwealth. After the war, Sunset Sarsaparilla was the most popular in the Southwest Commonwealth, and can be easily found anywhere in New Vegas.

Some specially marked bottles of Sunset Sarsaparilla have a 'special blue starred cap'.[1]


The products of the Sunset Sarsaparilla corporation appear in Fallout: New Vegas and are mentioned in Fallout 4's add-on Nuka-World.




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