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The Summersville Dam is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2102.


The Summersville Dam is just east of the Charleston Capitol Building. After raider Rosalynn Jeffries was captured by the Responders, thinking she was dead, her partner, David Thorpe, used a mini nuke to avenge her by destroying the dam, causing Summersville Lake to catastrophically flood Charleston, and killing Rosalynn who was being held in Charleston, in what would be called the Christmas Flood.[1]


At some point after the Christmas Flood and prior to 2102, a group of raiders built watchtowers and a crude bridge across the gap. The bridge has not been maintained in some time and has a broken section in the middle that must be jumped across; failing the jump means a long drop to certain death.

Notable lootEdit

  • The power plant - On a desk next to a broken terminal in the building at the top of the dam.
  • Cursed - On the bridge connecting the two ends of the dam, next to a dead raider.
  • Charleston is ours - On a table on one of the guard towers below the dam, along the scaffolding going to the bottom.
  • The Evil Men - Inside of the wreckage of a green boat at the bottom of the dam.


The Summersville Dam appears only in Fallout 76.