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Subway token is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 4.


The subway token looks to be a small, slightly tarnished coin that says "Boston subway" on both sides with a 1 in the center.

While previously used to grant civilians access to pre-War America's many subways, these coins now do little more than fill the pockets of the bombs' victims. In the Commonwealth however, these coins are seen as an equivalent to caps due to their similar material and negligible weight. Protectrons with the subway steward personality will request these from people it finds in the subway. It will become hostile should these people not present it with a subway token.


  • Several are scattered around the cash registers of College Square Station.
  • Can be found randomly in containers, most often in subways, but pretty much every low tier container (i.e. desks and filing cabinets) can contain them as well.
  • Extremely common in the inventory of dead ghouls if looted, as ghouls are prone to spawn several different variants of junk and miscellaneous items.