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Gametitle-FO3 PL
Gametitle-FO3 PL

The sub recovery site terminal entries are located on a terminal in the sunken covert submarine SSN-37-1A at the sub recovery site in Point Lookout.

Submarine Operations terminalEdit


Covert Submarine SSN-37-1A
Shì shàng wú nán shì,
zhi pà you xin rén

Mission ParametersEdit


Mission parameters:
Routine Patrol/Observation

Vessel SSN-37-1A is ordered to patrol hostile waters between:
+38 3' 36.00", -76 18' 36.00"
+37 49' 41.61", -76 0' 37.02"
+37 5' 60.00", -76 1' 12.00"

Variations from patrol are tolerated as required by evasive circumstances. Crew is under strict instructions not to engage enemy if detected. Self-destruct protocol must be initiated in event of imminent capture. Status updates are required at six hour intervals by one-way burst comm on orbital frequency #K17.18.v121.

Initiate Self-DestructEdit


Self-Destruct Protocol Initiated.
Engineer must activate failsafe switch in aft engine to confirm sequence.

Personnel will have less than one minute to evacuate.

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