Stop brahmin raids

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Stop brahmin raids
given byRoger Westin
Vault 13 location

I'm not sure I believe you, but here's your pay. Hell, if you been lying, my boys will find you.

Roger Westin

Stop brahmin raids is a quest in Fallout 2.


To begin this quest you must receive a reference from Dumont, the Chief of Police, who is found standing on the street across from the police station in NCR. Tell him you are looking for work and he will refer you to Roger Westin at his ranch, in the southern part of NCR. When you arrive at Westin's ranch you can tell the gate guard you were sent by Dumont to be allowed access. Once inside the ranch, talk to Westin and he will direct you to his ranch foreman, Felix. Felix will take you to where the brahmin are being attacked and where you will discover that the culprits are a pack of deathclaws. At this point, if your Outdoorsman skill is high enough, you can follow the deathclaws back to their lair. Return to Westin and inform him of the deathclaw attacks to collect your reward.


If you have already helped Gruthar to fix the Vault 13 computer before speaking to Westin, this quest will be unavailable, unless you accept the quest to kill Bishop, in which case the next quest you get will be this one. The deathclaws will recognize you and walk away.


Due to the layout of the map, regardless of the player character's Outdoorsman skill level the Chosen One can reach Vault 13 from here by clicking on the the far upper right corner. The player character will run off screen and leave through a green exit and enter the cave to the Vault. [verification needed]

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