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The Stingray Deluxe was a small military jet aircraft that flew before the war.


The Stingray Deluxe jet is a rather small twinjet aircraft with a joined wing design. It also possesses a V-tail, meaning that it has ruddervators. The jet has a wire loop ADF on top just aft of the small canopy.


The Stingray Deluxe can be found wrecked around the Commonwealth. Most notably:

  • On display at the ArcJet Systems building.
  • Wrecked and sunken into a pool at the Glowing Sea; its wings have been ripped off.
  • It also appears on the Museum of Freedom's mural.
  • Crashed upside down and covered in bushes near Nordhagen Beach.
  • Underwater south of Nordhagen Beach.
  • South of West Everett Estates along with two military vehicles and a T-51 power armor suit. A utility protectron is also found here, walking around the crash site.
  • One is crashed in the rocks off the coast of Salem. There is a sleeping roll in a tent under its right wing.


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