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This is the Steel Palace of the Emperor. This is the heart of Shi-town.

Ken Lee

The Steel Palace is the main base of the Shi, Chinese inhabitants of San Francisco. It is a small, reinforced structure allegedly constructed out of metal salvaged from the Shi-huang-ti submarine they arrived in during the nuclear firestorm of 2077. Inside, protected by heavily armed guards (H&K G11s and Gauss rifles are common), lies the Shi Emperor mainframe (also a relic from the submarine) that records and analyzes the factions history, advising Ken Lee. In addition, biological, chemical and physical research labs are present in the complex, giving the Shi a substantial edge in the technological race in the wasteland.


The palace itself is divided into mostly labs, though there is the throne room and the Shi Emperor's compound.

Related questsEdit

The following quests that can be completed/gained here:


The Steel Palace appears only in Fallout 2.

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