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While Lily is a companion, the duration of Stealth Boys is increased by 200% and all Sneak Attack Critical Hits do an additional 10% damage.

Stealth Girl is a companion perk in Fallout: New Vegas given by Lily Bowen if she is the Courier's companion. Lily can be obtained as a companion during the quest Guess Who I Saw Today.


With this perk, Stealth Boys last twice as long while also granting sneak attack criticals an extra 10% damage. This perk makes a single Stealth Boy last 4 minutes (instead of 2).


  • This perk actually affects all Critical Hits, instead of only sneak attack criticals as description says.
  • Only the critical part of damage is increased.
  • When Logan's Loophole, Chemist, and Day Tripper are taken combined with this perk, Stealth Boys will last over twenty minutes. This translates to about ten hours of in-game time.

Behind the scenesEdit

This perk is named after the Stealth Girl, an item in the canceled Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2. The Stealth Girl acted as a Stealth Boy, but lasted three times as long.

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