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Steady is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


A combat drug made from classified chemicals, it provides the user with a steady aim that makes it impossible to miss in sharpshooting, perfect for snipers lining themselves up for the perfect shot. Due to the potency and untested nature of the drug however, it is also highly addictive.

The item appears to be a makeshift inhaler crafted from an empty Sunset Sarsaparilla bottle, complete with a tinfoil heating element and a hose mouthpiece.


Steady drastically increases the accuracy of the user's ranged attacks. While the chem is active, idle sway is eliminated. At any viable V.A.T.S. range, base V.A.T.S. hit chances become 95%, or 76% if the user has the Fast Shot trait, though obstacles, cover (such as trying to hit a partially-obscured limb), and failing to meet minimum weapon skill requirements can still reduce the chance to hit.

Regardless of any potential mitigating factors, the powerful effect of going from, say, an 11% chance to hit to 95% chance to hit cannot be understated. With higher spread weapons, effects are more pronounced at even very short distances.

Like most other chems, using Steady risks the chance of addiction. To offset its arguably very strong effect, it has the highest rate of addiction, at 80% on top of the increased chance of addiction from its usage monitor (UMON).



  • The duration of each use of steady is increased by the Day Tripper and Chemist perks.
  • This chem is best combined with the Logan's Loophole trait to eliminate the addiction chance.


  • When using Steady before entering VATS with the Alien Blaster, all targets will have a 0% chance to hit, regardless of range or line of sight.

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