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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.


//begin 8th September 2000 revision
name_age = {Age}
trait_male = {Male}
trait_female = {Female}
trait_noname = {None}

name_strength = {Strength}
name_perception = {Perception}
name_endurance = {Endurance}
name_charisma = {Charisma}
name_intelligence = {Intelligence}
name_agility = {Agility}
name_luck = {Luck}

desc_strength = {Raw physical strength. A high Strength is good for physical characters. Modifies: Hit Points, Melee Damage, and Carry Weight.}
desc_perception = {The ability to see, hear, taste and notice unusual things. A high Perception is important for a sharpshooter. Modifies: Sequence and ranged combat distance modifiers.}
desc_endurance = {Stamina and physical toughness. A character with a high Endurance will survive where others may not. Modifies: Hit Points, Poison & Radiation Resistance, Healing Rate, and the additional hit points per level.}
desc_charisma = {A combination of appearance and charm. A high Charisma is important for characters that want to influence people with words. Modifies: NPC reactions, and barter prices.}
desc_intelligence = {Knowledge, wisdom and the ability to think quickly. A high Intelligence is important for any character. Modifies: the number of new skill points per level, dialogue options, and many skills.}
desc_agility = {Coordination and the ability to move well. A high Agility is important for any active character. Modifies: Action Points, Armor Class, Sequence, and many skills.}
desc_luck = {Fate. Karma. An extremely high or low Luck will affect the character - somehow. Events and situations will be changed by how lucky (or unlucky) your character is.}

short_strength = {ST}
short_perception = {PE}
short_endurance = {EN}
short_charisma = {CH}
short_intelligence = {IN}
short_agility = {AG}
short_luck = {LK}

stat_rate1 = {V. Bad}
stat_rate2 = {Bad}
stat_rate3 = {Poor}
stat_rate4 = {Fair}
stat_rate5 = {Average}
stat_rate6 = {Good}
stat_rate7 = {V. Good}
stat_rate8 = {Great}
stat_rate9 = {Excellent}
stat_rate10 = {Heroic}

name_level = {Level}
name_experience = {Experience}
name_nextLevel = {Next Level}
name_charPoints = {Char Pts:}
name_skills = {Skills}
name_skillPoints = {Skill Points}
name_tagSkills = {Tag Skills}
name_otraits = {Optional Traits}

desc_level = {The general competency of the character. A measure of your experience and abilities.}
desc_experience = {A reward for completing specific tasks, or defeating enemies in combat. More experience points are required to attain higher Levels.}
desc_nextLevel = {The amount of experience points needed to move up to the next level.}
desc_charPoints = {Amount of free character points that can be added to one of the basic stats.}
desc_skills = {Skills are learned knowledge. Skills increase by experience, or during the course of the game by special events. The higher the skill level, the better you are at that skill.}
desc_skillPoints = {Use free skill points to increase the level of a skill. As you get better at a given skill, however, it takes more points to raise that skill. Mastering a skill can take a lot of time and effort.}
desc_tagSkills = {Tag skills are skills your character specializes in. Each tag skill gains +20%, and increases twice as fast. You must pick three tag skills.}
desc_otraits = {Optional traits describe your character in more detail. All traits will have positive and negative effects. You may choose up to two traits during creation.}

short_skillPoints = {Pts.}
short_tagSkills = {Tags}

name_reputation = {Reputation}
short_reputation = {Rep.}
desc_reputation = {Represents your character's overall reputation both inside and outside the Brotherhood.}

name_rank = {Ranks}
short_rank = {Rank}
desc_rank = {Your character's rank within the Brotherhood controls the availability of equipment and squadmembers.}

name_addict = {Addictions}
short_addict = {Addict.}
desc_addict = {Things your character has become addicted to.}

name_perks = {Perks}
short_perks = {Perks}
desc_perks = {Perks add additional abilities. After gaining a certain number of experience levels, you can choose a perk.}

name_kills = {Kills}
short_kills = {Kills}
desc_kills = {A counter that keeps track of the type and numbers of creatures you have slaughtered, or have seen killed in your presence.}

name_maxHitPoints = {Hit Points}
desc_maxHitPoints = {How much damage your character can take before dying. If you reach 0 HP or less, you are dead.}

name_poisoned = {Poisoned}
desc_poisoned = {Your character has been poisoned. Poison will do damage over a period of time, until cured or it passes from your system.}

name_radiated = {Radiated}
desc_radiated = {Your character is suffering from a significant amount of Radiation poisoning. The more radiation damage, the more deadly the effect.}

name_cripRArm = {Crippled Right Arm}
desc_cripRArm = {Your character's right arm has been severely hurt, and cannot function well. If both arms have been crippled, you cannot attack with weapons.}

name_cripLArm = {Crippled Left Arm}
desc_cripLArm = {Your character's left arm has been severely hurt, and cannot function well. If both arms have been crippled, you cannot attack with weapons.}

name_cripRLeg = {Crippled Right Leg}
desc_cripRLeg = {Your character has a crippled right leg. If both legs have been crippled, you cannot walk.}

name_cripLLeg = {Crippled Left Leg}
desc_cripLLeg = {Your character has a crippled left leg. If both legs have been crippled, you cannot walk.}

name_immobile = {Immobile}
desc_immobile = {Your character is unable to move, and is an easier target.}

name_concussed = {Concussed}
desc_concussed = {Your character has received a blow to the head. This effects skills and Intelligence.}

name_stunned = {Stunned}
desc_stunned = {Your character is suffering from a stun effect. This effects Perception and Agility.}

name_winded = {Winded}
desc_winded = {Your character has been winded, and cannot run.}

name_addicted = {Addicted}
desc_addicted = {Your character has become addicted to something.}

name_overdosed = {Overdosed}
desc_overdosed = {Your character has become overdosed due to excess usage of chemicals. Overdose will do damage over a period of time, until it passes from your system.}

name_withdrawl = {Withdrawl}
desc_withdrawl = {Your character is suffering the effects of withdrawl.}

name_crippled = {Crippled}
desc_crippled = {Your character has been crippled.}

name_blind = {Blinded}
desc_blind = {Your character has been seriously hit in one or both of your eyes. This affects your Perception.}

name_encumbered = {Encumbered}
desc_encumbered = {Your character is carrying more than your carry weight. This will slow you down, and may cause you injury.}

name_bandaged = {Bandaged}
desc_bandaged = {Your character has been bandaged to the point where First Aid is no longer possible.}

name_armorClass = {Armor Class}
name_maxActionPoints = {Action Points}
name_maxCarryWeight = {Carry Weight}
name_meleeDamage = {Melee Damage}
name_bonusDamage = {Bonus Damage}
name_normalResist = {Damage Resistance}
name_poisonResist = {Poison Resistance}
name_radiationResist = {Radiation Resistance}
name_sequence = {Sequence}
name_healRate = {Healing Rate}
name_criticalChance = {Critical Chance}
name_skillPerLevel = {Skill rate}
name_levelsPerPerk = {Perk rate}

short_armorClass = {Armor Class}
short_maxActionPoints = {Action Pts.}
short_maxCarryWeight = {Carry Wt.]}
short_meleeDamage = {Melee Dmg.}
short_bonusDamage = {Bonus Dmg.}
short_normalResist = {Damage Res.}
short_poisonResist = {Poison Res.}
short_radiationResist = {Rad. Res.}
short_sequence = {Sequence}
short_healRate = {Heal Rate}
short_criticalChance = {Crit. Chance}
short_skillPerLevel = {Skill rate}
short_levelsPerPerk = {Perk rate}

desc_armorClass = {Modifies the chance to hit this particular character.}
desc_maxActionPoints = {The number of actions that the character can take during one combat turn.}
desc_maxCarryWeight = {The maximum amount of equipment your character can carry, in pounds.}
desc_meleeDamage = {The amount of bonus damage your character does in hand-to-hand combat.}
desc_bonusDamage = {The percentage of bonus damage your character does in all forms of combat.}
desc_normalResist = {Any damage taken is reduced by this amount. Damage Resistance can be increased by wearing armor.}
desc_poisonResist = {Reduces poison damage by this amount.}
desc_radiationResist = {The amount of radiation you are exposed to is reduced by this percentage. Radiation Resistance can be modified by the type of armor worn, and anti-radiation chems.}
desc_sequence = {Determines how soon in a combat turn your character can react.}
desc_healRate = {At the end of each day, your character will heal 1 HP for each point of Healing Rate. When you rest, you heal every six hours. It also gives bonuses when being healed.}
desc_criticalChance = {The chance to cause a critical hit in combat is increased by this amount.}
desc_skillPerLevel = {The number of skill points you will be able to allocate to skills, each time you gain a level.}
desc_levelsPerPerk = {The amount of levels the character will have to gain in order to gain a perk. (lower is better) }
//end 8th Septmeber revision

name_sttraits = {TRAITS}
name_stperks = {PERKS}

name_status = {Status}
desc_status = {Outlines the status of this character within the Brotherhood and the wasteland.}

name_staddict = {ADDICTIONS}

bar_hitPoints = {HP}
bar_armorClass = {AC}

desc_noammo = {RELOAD}

name_levelup = {Level}
desc_levelup = {Your character has earned a new level of experience.}

// multiplayer modes
name_mm_normal = {Custom}
desc_mm_normal = {Custom game rules.}

name_mm_skirmish = {Skirmish}
desc_mm_skirmish = {SeperateIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic teams fight it out in the ultimate tactical showdown.}

name_mm_assault = {Assault}
desc_mm_assault = {Two teams, offense v defense, with an objective.}

name_mm_ctf = {Capture the Flag}
desc_mm_ctf = {SeperateIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic teams face off in a challenge where to gain points you must steal the opponents flag.}

name_mm_dogmeat = {Kill the Dogmeat}
desc_mm_dogmeat = {The only player that can score points is to be Dogmeat. The only way to become Dogmeat is to kill the player that is Dogmeat.}

//end 2001-01-24

name_mm_scavengerHunt = {Scavenger Hunt}
desc_mm_scavengerHunt = {A race to collect special items.}

name_unconcious = {Unconscious}
desc_unconcious = {Your character has been knocked out.}

sentinel = {!}