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Stash toolboxes are containers in Fallout: New Vegas, used for storing items.

The stash toolboxes usually contain more loot than regular toolboxes.


A player can find and store items in a stash toolbox.

List of lootEdit


Six can be found in the base game.

  • 1 in Nipton Hall, on the first floor.
  • 1 near the generator next to the Wolfhorn Ranch shack.
  • 1 between the wrecked car and rock in the middle of Ivanpah Dry Lake.
  • 1 in the back of a blue car near the white trailer in Goodsprings.
  • 1 near the wrecked blue truck just west of the road through Primm.
  • 1 in the trailer of the white cabin truck leading up to Mojave Outpost.

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