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The Stars and Stripes bandana is a piece of headwear in Fallout 4.


It provides no damage resistance and is purely a cosmetic item - however, it is counted as a piece of lower headwear, which allows the user to equip any sort of upper headwear at the same time. It can be equipped by Dogmeat.


  • One can be found inside Monsignor Plaza, on a shelf behind the counter of the clothing store, located on the first floor.
  • May spawn on Ruby.
  • Can be dropped by attack dogs.
  • May spawn on a settler.
  • May spawn on Mikey.
  • May spawn on scavengers.
  • May spawn on Brotherhood of Steel patrol dogs in the Commonwealth.

Behind the scenesEdit

Interestingly enough the Stars and Stripes Bandana features the American flag before America was divided into thirteen Commonwealths.


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