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Starport Nuka terminal entries are entries found within Starport Nuka in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Manager's terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Starport Nuka - Management Office

Outbound Communication GH700101Edit


To: Peyton Huxley, Executive Assistant to Mr. Bradberton

This is Penning over at Starport Nuka. We're experiencing all sorts of minor control malfunctions with the older-model robots in the Galactic Zone. I'm sending over some of the incident reports. Nothing serious yet, but if Star Control ever loses its connection with these robots, I'm not sure what they'll do.

Personally, I think our hardware is too far behind the software to have Star Control run the whole show right now. I know you don't want to hear it, but we really need to shut down the Galactic Zone and do a major overhaul before we have a catastrophic failure.

Outbound Communication GH700243Edit


To: John-Caleb Bradberton, CEO Nuka-Cola Corporation

This is Penning over at Starport Nuka. Sorry to disturb you directly Mr. Bradberton, but we have a bit of a crisis on our hands over here. I'm certain your assistant can fill you in on the details if he hasn't already.

I realize that Project Cobalt has put a lot of our resources on hold, but if we don't get some help soon, this could get out of control. Star Control was never meant to handle this many robots at one time, and we keep being asked to add more and older models to the system. Please approve my requisition for new staff and maintenance requests as soon as possible.

Inbound Communication KLK00901Edit


From: Ingrid Suvenstein, Starport Nuka Technician

Ryan, Mark and I are tired of fixing these robots and getting them to play nice with Star Control. The new system has put a strain on their control modules, and some of the older models just can't take the extra load. We're behind schedule as it is, and now you want us to chaperone tour groups through Star Control? If you want this stuff fixed quicker, you need to hire more staff or get to the bottom of why our purchase orders keep getting held up.

Inbound Communication KLK00944Edit


From: Mark Reisman, Starport Nuka Technician

Look, Penning. I'm about one day away from quitting if you don't get us some real help around here. We've got six units offline again today, and fixing each one takes almost our entire shift. Ingrid and I have been putting in sixty-hour weeks just to keep things from falling apart around here. Look, get it together or I'm walking.

Star control mainframeEdit


|--==[ STAR CONTROL ]==--|
Systemized Telemetry for Automated Robot Control

Insufficient Star Cores to assert control over linked robotic systems. Emergency Protocols will become available as additional Star Cores are installed.

0/20 Star Cores required for basic operation.
0/35 Star Cores required for full functionality.


View System LogsEdit



Operating InstructionsEdit


Star Control: Build v.1.1.7

The Systemized Telemetry for Automated Robot Control (Star Control) system, developed by RobCo Industries (TM), is a complete solution for corporate clients needing to administer a large number of robots and defensive systems.

Star Control technology is build on a series of highly redundant, interchangeable telemetry modules (Star Cores). At runtime, these Cores establish a radio communications interlink between the Star Control mainframe to coordinate their actions and issue commands irrespective of their underlying operating protocols.

Individual Star Cores may be safely replaced during normal operation. In the event of a major failure, Star Control can still boot into a limited-functionality Emergency Mode if at least one Star Core is present. While the system is in Emergency Mode, all robots and defenses will continue to act on their prior operating instructions. As Cores are replaced, a series of emergency protocols will be progressively unlocked as computing resources permit, allowing the user to react to urgent problems until full functionality can be restored.

For additional sales, service, or technical support, please contact the RobCo Enterprise Solutions division. Thank you for choosing RobCo.

Technician's Log: 8/31/2077Edit


Technician's Log: 8/31/2077

Finished the install job for the new mainframe today. Mark and I fired it up for a test run after hours. Seemed to go pretty well. RobCo's communications interlink doesn't play nice with older-model Handys we've got working concessions--big surprise there-- but I'm still glad we went with their bid over the one from General Atomics. Their 'Director' system is a mess-- single point of failure and all. Star Control may be overkill, but at least it has some redundancy if something does go wrong.

Technician's Log: 9/29/2077Edit


Technician's Log: 9/29/2077

It's been almost a month, and Star Control is still working perfectly. That never happens-- big install jobs like this are always a disaster. And we've got military-grade robots running around with live weapons. This thing seems like an accident waiting to happen. But so far, it works as advertised. Color me impressed.

Mark and I have been digging through the control code, and we've verified that the Defensive Mode protocol Admin wanted seems to be in place. If there is a major emergency of some kind, we flip the system into Defensive Mode and use the robots to secure the park. There's no real way to test it; let's just hope it never comes to that.

Technician's Log: 10/22/2077Edit


Technician's Log: 10/22/2077

The mainframe tours have been a big hit. Lucky us. First we lose our workspace to that ridiculous diorama, and now we have to babysit a bunch of snotty six-year-olds who can't resist pushing all the big glowy buttons.

We're going to start integrating the robots at the junkyard into the system this weekend. I'm not sure if Star Control's interlink will work at that range, but It's worth a shot. This thing keeps surprising me.

Kendell's Log: 2/29/2284Edit


Kendell's Log: 2/29/2284

Took us three days, but we finally broke through the rubble around the north gate. Walked right in. No turrets, no combat bots, nothing. The only robot I had to put down was that damn Nukatron that kept trying to sell me a ten-dollar bottle of Nuka-Cherry. Stupid thing wouldn't even take caps.

This here's the real prize, though-- top-of-the-line pre-war tech, still humming along. My girl Tiana says these glowy things are 'redundant', which I guess means we can take 'em. Oughta fetch a good price back in town.

Kendell's Log: 4/11/2286Edit


Kendell's Log: 4/11/2286

Colter's gangs took Nuka-Town. We got survivors incoming. I had the boys throw up some defenses, but they ain't gonna last long.

I told Tiana to turn on that Defensive Mode she told me about. She panicked-- said we'd taken too many Cores from this thing; it couldn't handle the reboot. Sent everyone she could find to go strip Cores from the other rides.

The girl means well, but with the gangs breathing down our necks, I gotta do something. What's the worst that could happen?

View Star Core NetworkEdit


Accessing Star Core Interlink... done.

[0] Star Core(s) are currently installed.

A total of [35] other Star Cores were detected within range. Isolating locations...

[2]: In the Star Control Chamber
[5]: In the Galactic Zone Grounds
[7]: In Nuka-Galaxy
[4]: In Starlight Interstellar Theater
[6]: In Vault-Tec: Among the Stars
[6]: In RobCo Battlezone
[5]: Outside the Galactic Zone

Emergency Protocol: Selective Shutdown IEdit


Emergency Protocol: Selective Shutdown I

Description: Connects to all linked robotic systems with the specified firmware and issues an emergency shutdown order, overriding all other commands. Once selected, the target cannot be changed.

Select target:

Target: Eyebot FirmwareEdit


The Selective Shutdown was issued successfully.

Target: Handy FirmwareEdit


The Selective Shutdown was issued successfully.

Target: Nukatron FirmwareEdit


The Selective Shutdown was issued successfully.


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