Gametitle-FNV DM
Gametitle-FNV DM
Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout: New Vegas cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Starlet's hand wraps are a unique weapon in the game files of the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.


A strip of cloth, about 5 cm in width, wrapped three times around the hand. Used for protection of the hand and knuckles during combat. When they hit someone, it usually knocks them down, emitting an electric aura similar to that of a Tesla cannon.


  • Similar to boxing tape, and would most likely have been considered a unique variant of boxing tape.


Starlet's hand wraps can only be found in the Dead Money game files and thus can only be obtained through console commands.


Weapon name (current weapon is highlighted)Icon meleeDamage per attack (damage per projectile)Icon damageDamage per secondIcon dpsBonus effectsIcon bonus effectAttacks per secondIcon attackCritical Chance % multiplierIcon chanceCritical damageIcon critical damageAction Point costIcon actionDamage per action pointIcon dapDurability (number of attacks before breaking)Icon repairWeightIcon weightValue in capsIcon merchantValue to weight ratioIcon ratioSkill requiredIcon abilityStrength requiredIcon fist
Boxing gloves 1
1.3+35 Fatigue1.26x11280.1995610016.701
Golden Gloves 1
1.3+50 Fatigue1.26x21280.11245610016.701
Boxing tape 4
5.1+20 Fatigue1.26x14280.324950.2510040001
Starlet's hand wraps 15
Note: Unarmed damage is doubled in V.A.T.S.