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Spud the Emperor scorpion was the team mascot of the Fallout development team.


  • Spud is our team mascot. Spud eats crickets and stays under his log most of the day. Spud is big, black and has a very large tail that he likes to show off if you take his log away. Spud is an Emperor Scorpion. Spud has been pretty boring, all he does is lie under his log. We leave him alone. - old Fallout GURPS website
  • Spud died very shortly after FO1 was shipped. We were all very sad and also afraid to touch him, in case he was faking it. Eventually I picked him up, decided against a burial at sea (he was a big scorpion) and instead tossed him in the dumpster behind Interplay. - Tim Cain (DAC forum)

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