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Springfield is a town in Illinois, near the Brotherhood of Steel Bunker Beta. Its population consists mostly of humans with some ghouls. Around 2197, the mayor of Springfield was Chris Avellone. The other notable civilians were Carino the town guard; Joe the bartender; and Presnell the shopkeeper.

After the previous mayor disappeared under suspicious circumstances, Avellone was voted in as a puppet mayor. But he took to his new power and started causing trouble. The mayor's political stance with the ghouls angered some of Springfield's far-right, human activists who refuse to acknowledge the "sub-humans" as near equals, so the plot against ghouls and the mayor was started.

Normally, the Brotherhood doesn't meddle in politics, but this offered them a chance to increase their hold on this resource rich province and the Elders decided to send a Brotherhood squad to Springfield to protect Avellone from a plot uncovered by the Brotherhood's Dagger Squad, who captured one of the ringleaders to this plot. He told the Brotherhood interrogators that these resident troublemakers would be dressed as raiders, which was a clumsy attempt to frame the local bandits. The warrior soon arrived and liberated the town from occupation. These ghoul-hating "raiders" turned out to be quite an organized group consisting of regular members and so called enforcers - much more experienced warriors. Even though they awaited the Brotherhood's arrival and had already build some barricades, they were all killed, including their leader - the head assassin.

After the BoS squad rescued the mayor, the resources of Springfield helped fuel the Brotherhood war machine. He signed the "Bill of Monster Rights". Under this bill, there would be no violence against a ghoul...unless the ghoul started it. And from now on, a ghoul was entitled to payment equal to, or greater than, half that of a pure bred human. And lastly, no more would "taking a dump" be referred to as "pinching the ghoul", "making ghoul babies" or "dropping off the ghoul at the pool".


Main article: Springfield (mission)

The mission in Springfield requires finding and rescuing the Mayor of the town, who has been taken hostage by an anti-ghoul group dressed as raiders, as well as killing this group's leader.


Springfield appears only in Fallout Tactics if you have the 4th bonus CD or installed a patch designed for this purpose. It also can be made available manually by using notepad to edit the "bos.cfg" file in the "core" directory. Find this line: {misc.bonusMission} = {false} Change the "false" to "true" and save the file.

  • If the value is "true" when you speak to General Barnaky to get the Mardin mission, you will also get the Springfield mission appear in your Pip-Boy at the same time.
  • If the value was "false" while you completed the Mardin mission and got the location of Bunker Gamma from Barnaky, but you then set it to "true" before leaving Bunker Beta, just speak to him again and he will give you the Springfield mission.
  • If the value was "false" all the time until you arrive in Bunker Gamma, you are no longer able to access this mission as Barnaky disappears from Bunker Beta. If you have an earlier save game you can change the value and replay from the end of Mardin.

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