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Weapons Spread determines the accuracy of a ranged weapon in degrees. Formulas here taken from the GECK wiki[1].

Spread Computation Edit

\begin{align}\text{total spread} = \text{aim spread} + \text{weapon spread}\end{align}

The total spread is equal to a spread due to the character aiming, and a spread due to the weapon itself.

Aim Spread Edit

\begin{align}\text{aim spread} = \text{perk effects } ( & \text{state effects} * \text{skill effect} + \text{limb condition effect} ) \end{align}

State Effects Edit

State effects combine multiplicatively.

  • Crouching reduces spread by 40%. (multiplier: 0.6)
  • Using iron sights reduces spread by 65%. (multiplier: 0.35)

Skill Effect Edit

The appropriate skill (Guns, Energy Weapons or Explosives) reduces spread by 0.5% (from 50% up to 100%) per skill point. (multiplier: from 0.5 to 0)

Limb Condition Effect Edit

Damage to limbs increases (pre-perk) spread.

  • ArmPenalty is 0 with no crippled arms. 0.5 when right arm crippled with one handed weapon, 0.25 when one arm crippled with two-handed weapon, 0.5 when both arms crippled with two-handed weapon.

Weapon Spread Edit

Weapon spread is equal to the Min Spread stat of the weapon in degrees. Weapon condition has no effect on spread.


Fallout: New VegasGametitle-FNV Prior to patch ammunition that had spread modification effect (like 12ga), applied it to aim spread instead of weapon spread.

References Edit

  1. [1]

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