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"Flour" to 5 of Diamonds - Sierra Madre
5 of Diamonds - Tops to Alice (Fallout Tactics)
Alice Hostetler to Atomic Wrangler corner room
Atomic Wrangler crier to Big MT north tunnel
Big MT west tunnel to Brain bot
Brain bot (companion) to Café of Broken Dreams
Cain to Chemical Corps
Chemical grenade to CommuneNote01
Commune Notes to DLC03WQ03Rosa.txt
DLC03WQ03SunOfAtom.txt to Department of the Army
Deployable ballast to Duck and Cover!
Duck and Cover! (Fallout: New Vegas) to Ennis's locker
Ennis's note to Fallout: New Vegas patch 1.5
Fallout: New Vegas patch 1.6 to Fallout wiki
Fallout world to Forest Vault
Forge an alliance between the BoS and the Ciphers to Gauss rifle (Beta)
Gauss rifle (Fallout: New Vegas) to Green gecko egg
Green gecko hide to Hecate's Select
Heck Gunderson to I15
IAN.MSG to Jason Hasenauer
Jason Little to KLAMALL.MSG
KLATRAP.MSG to Large whiskey bottle
Large wild dog to Looking for the Temple of the Union
Loose Cannon to Map marker
Maple to Merc's orders
Merc adventurer outfit to Mole rat (Fallout 3)
Mole rat meat to NVDLC03SinkAutoDocTalker.txt
NVDLC03SinkBioResearchLabTalker.txt to Nuka-Cola Quantum addiction
Nuka-Cola Quartz to Paladin Sato
Paladin Solo to Police hat (Fallout: New Vegas)
Police hat (Fallout 3) to Quick Fix
Quick Pockets to Recon craft Theta
Recon craft Theta beacon to Robot City
Robot Compliance to Scaven Pickers
Scavenger to Shotgun (Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel)
Shotgun (Fallout: New Vegas) to Speaker
Spear to Supply plant terminal entries
Support drone to The Guns of Anchorage
The Hall of Ascension to Tortoiseshell glasses
Toshiro Kago to VBROKELV.MSG
VBSCaptainGilles.txt to Vault 82
Vault 87 to Wasteland junkie
Wasteland legend outfit to YK32 pulse pistol (Fallout Tactics)
YK42B pulse rifle to “sneak” critical

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