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"Flour" to 5 of Diamonds - Ultra-Luxe
5 of Hearts to Alien Archivist
Alien Camp to Atomic pulverizer
Atomic wrangler guard to Big Ranch Nevada State Lotto
Big Sal to Branchtender Cypress
Branchtender Linden to Calada
Calamity to Cheng (Chairman)
Cheng (China) to Companion dismissal terminal
Companion perks to DLC04PostMQDummyCell
DLC04VendorChestsCell to Deputy Beagle's residence
Deputy Fry to Dugan
Duke to Entry 4
Entry 5 to Fallout: New Vegas random encounters
Fallout: New Vegas recipes to Fan
Fancy Lads to Forlorn Hope mandate
Forlorn Hope storage key to Gecko (Van Buren)
Gecko (creature) to Gregory (Fallout 2)
Gregory Alan Williams to Helios One terminal entries
Helios Solar to I Put a Spell on You
I Want to Drink Your Blood to Jean Diaz
Jean Simonet to KarenJohnson.txt
KarenSchenzy.txt to Laser pistol (Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel)
Laser pistol (Fallout: New Vegas) to Lou (Fallout 2)
Lou Martin to MargaretPrimrose.txt
Margaret Primrose to Merchants
Merchants (Fallout: New Vegas) to Monorail sabotage plans
Monorail train wreckage to Nanjing
Nanuk to Number 27
Number 34 to Paramedics bag
Paranoid ghoul to Postal Terminal DPW
Poster to RCFERN.MSG
RCGAMBLE.MSG to Red Rapids Docks
Red Rapids docks to Rocket launcher
Rocket launcher (Fallout) to Schematics - deathclaw gauntlet v.2
Schematics - deathclaw gauntlet v.3 to Sierra Madre Replicator Tech
Sierra Madre Souvenir Aficionado to Spookia
Spoonful of Whiskey to Switchblade (Van Buren)
Switzerland to The Master
The Matrix to Torn journal page (Old World Blues)
Torn out journal entry to Ursula Fuller
Usanagi to Vault 22 Cave Door Terminal Note 1
Vault 22 Cave Door Terminal Note 2 to WarehouseRobots
WarehouseRuins to X-8 Central Facility
X-8 Data Retrieval Test to “sneak” critical

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