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"Fat Boy" Portable Nuclear Bomb to 5 of Diamonds - Tops
5 of Diamonds - Ultra-Luxe to Alien Ship
Alien atomizer to Attis Army
Audaz to Big War
Big Winner to Brand
Brandice's house to Cake Bake-Off
Cal to Chem Resistant
Chem Resistant (perk) to Commando armor
Commercial Row to DLC03LibertyPrime.txt
DLC03MaleVoice1.txt to Den resident
Den slaver to Drill sergeant
Drill sergeant Dornan to Encrypted message
Encryption key to Fallout: New Vegas cut content
Fallout: New Vegas cutscenes to Fallout holodisks
Fallout holodisks and notes to Followers' Credo
Followers' outpost to Gary (clone)
Gary 1 to Grayditch
Grayditch dumpster key to Hcant2.msg
Hcbrian.msg to Hulking tunneler
Hull, 12 gauge to Jalbert Brothers waste disposal
James to Junk Rounds
Junk door to LLKid2.txt
LLSlaver.txt to Lobotomite mask
Lobotomite mask and goggles to Main quests
Maine to Meet the Fallout 3 devs - Gary Noonan
Meet the Fallout 3 devs - Gavin Carter to Mister Gutsy Mk5
Mister Gutsy Mk6 to NCR dogtag
NCR dogtag (Fallout: New Vegas) to North Dakota
North Folk Campground to PC
PCARGRD.MSG to Plasma pistol (Fallout 3)
Plasma pistol (Fallout Tactics) to Pulse gun (Van Buren)
Pulse mine to RatSlayer
Rat (Fallout) to Riverboat Landing
Riverboat landing to Sammael
Sammy to Shady Sands citizen
Shady Sands entrance to Snow globe - Goodsprings
Snow globe - Hoover Dam to Submarine self-destruct codes
Subway to Test tube rack
Testacles the Debug Centurion to Time bomb, high yield (Mad Bomber) (GRA)
Time to Go, Jericho! to Unconscious
Undead Glory to Vault 101 emergency frequency
Vault 101 intercom to Wandering the Wastes
Wang Dang Atomic Tango to X-12 research center
X-12 research center terminal entries to “sneak” critical

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