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"Fat Boy" Portable Nuclear Bomb to 5 of Hearts
5 of Hearts - Gomorrah to Alien blaster
Alien blaster (Fallout) to Audaz
AudioTemplateSuperMutant.txt to Big War
Big Winner to Branchtender Linden
Branchtender Maple to Caius Drusus
Cajoling a Cudgel to Cheesy poofs
Cheezy poofs to Command tent
Command tent terminal entries to DLC01Faydra.txt
DLC01Friday.txt to Deep Sleep
Deep Throat volume 1059 to Dr. Lesko
Dr. Li to Enclave Field Entry
Enclave Field Research terminal entries to Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel computers
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel consumables to Fallout Tactics perks
Fallout Tactics places to Flash light
Flashbang to Gain Intelligence
Gain Luck to Gordie Sumner
Gordon to Harris
Harris' supply key to House improvements
House key to Jackie (Lonesome Road)
Jacklyn to Joshua Graham's armor
Joshua Graham's headwrap to Kris Kristofferson
Krista Robinson to Liquid nitrogen canister
Liquor to Machine gun
Machine shop to McSlgGrd.msg
McVegeir.msg to Mirv
Misc. items to NCR-Caesar's Legion War
NCR-Enclave War to Nightstalker DNA Manipulation
Nightstalker blood to Outcast Collection Agent
Outcast Outpost to Pistol Packing
Pistolero to Prostitute (Fallout Tactics)
Prostitute outfit to Ranger Chauncey
Ranger Compound to Richardson
Richardson Senior to Sacred datura roots
Sacred head of the Vault Dweller to Sergeant Stark
Sergeant Teddy to Smithy
Smitty to Strange meat pie
Strange meat pie (Fallout: New Vegas) to Tent
Tepid Sewers to Three Card Monte
Three Dog to US invasion of Mexico
US paratrooper to Vault-Tec Channel 9
Vault-Tec Corporation to WSTERM3A.MSG
WSTERM3B.MSG to Wondermeat Maker
Wong to “sneak” critical

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