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"Fat Boy" Portable Nuclear Bomb to 5 of Diamonds
5 of Diamonds - Gomorrah to Alice McLafferty
Alien to Atomic Wrangler chip
Atomic Wrangler corner room to Big Iron
Big Iron On His Hip to Brahmin (Fallout: New Vegas)
Brahmin (Fallout 2) to CRVNENMY.MSG
CSTOUCH.MSG to Charisma bobblehead
Charity James to Colorado river
Colt to Cyberhound Mk. III (Rex)
Cybernetic brain to Dead cat
Dead dog gang to Dog meat (Van Buren)
Dog steak to Electronic lock pick Mk II
Electronics to FOT2
FOTA to Fallout 3 traps
Fallout 3 trophies to Fire hydrant (world object)
Fire resistance to GENGRDB.MSG
GENKNIGH.MSG to Gizmo's gun
Gizmo's pistol to HVScout.txt
HVScribeIbsen.txt to Home made rocket launcher
Home on the Range to Irradiated marked men scout
Irradiated metro to Joel Dinolt
Joel Pargman to Kill Frog Morton
Kill Ghoul High Priest to Lemmy
MBVATS.MSG to Master Trader
Master Water Merchant to Michael Smith
Michael Smith (Fallout: New Vegas) to Mr. Chemmie
Mr. Cob to Neil's Shack
Neil's shack to Ohio
Ohlen to Paving the Way
Pc to Pre-War baseball cap (Fallout 3)
Pre-War bonnet to RSEchoErasmus.txt
RSEchoGreen.txt to Reiley's Rangers
Reilly to Rommel Fernandez
Ron Meyers to Scorpion tail
Scorpions to Sierra mission statement
Siexit.msg to Spring Mt. Ranch State Park
Spring Song Op 62, No 6 to Switzerland
Sword to The Legend of the Star
The Lieutenant to Trade Holodisks to the Geeks
Trademark License Agreement to VCMACRAE.MSG
VCMELIND.MSG to Vault City slave
Vault City travel log to Waters of Life
Watershed to Yellow dog
Yellow memory module to “sneak” critical

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