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"Fat Boy" Portable Nuclear Bomb to 5 of Hearts - Lucky 38
5 of Hearts - Sierra Madre to Alien blaster (Fallout 3)
Alien captain to Audio Sample - Mobius' Robo-scorpion
Audio Sample - Opera Singer to Big Winner, The Tops
Big Winner, Ultra-Luxe to Brandice's house
Brandon to Cal
Cal Morell to Chem
Chem Reliant to Command tent
Command tent terminal entries to DLC01Hammer.txt
DLC01Harris.txt to Defacing the Humble Stone
Defcon to Dr. Martin J. Roach
Dr. Martin J Roach to Enclave Mister Gutsy
Enclave Mobile Base to Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel derived statistics
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel developers to Fallout Tactics recruits
Fallout Tactics reputations to Fledgling trog
Fleeing to Gaius Magnus
Galahad to Gorman
Gorobets to Harry (Fallout: New Vegas)
Harry (Fallout 2) to Housekey - Nathan and Manya
Houser to Jacky
Jacob to Journal Entry - Day 3
Journal Entry - Day 4 to Kudlow
Kudlow's log to List of Van Buren characters
List of intelligent deathclaws to Mad brahmin
Mad glowing one to Mechanics
Mechanist to Miss Fortune (character)
Miss Jeanette to NCRCFMeyers.txt
NCRCFPowderGangerGun.txt to Ninth Circle
Ninth Circle supply key to Outdoorsman Skill
Outer Space to Pitt slave
Pitt slave (character) to Protectron target drone
Proton axe to Ranger Station Bravo
Ranger Station Charlie to Ridgefield gate key
Ridgers to Saint Monica
Saint Monica's Church to Set's bodyguard
Set Lasers for Fun to Smooch dealer
Smooth-Talking Criminal to Strictly Profitable
Strike Team to Terry Hart
Terry Lanierd to Throwing
Throwing Range to Ultra-Luxe floor manager
Ultra-Luxe freezer key to Vault-Tec Exhibit Vault
Vault-Tec HQ to WSTERM3C.MSG
Wong Yi Tze to “sneak” critical

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