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"Fat Boy" Portable Nuclear Bomb to 5 of Diamonds - Lucky 38
5 of Diamonds - Sierra Madre to Alien
Alien (Fallout: New Vegas) to Atomic Wrangler casino chips
Atomic Wrangler chip to Big Horn Saloon
Big Iron to Brahmin (Fallout 2)
Brahmin (Fallout 3) to CREDDOOR.MSG
CRVNDRVR.MSG to Charisma Implant
Charisma bobblehead to Colonel Sanders
Colonel Spindel to Cutting board
Cyberbrain to Dead U.S. paratrooper
Dead Wind Cavern to Dog meat (Fallout: New Vegas)
Dog meat (Fallout 3) to Electromagnetic pulse grenades
Electron charge pack to FOLSCHOL.MSG
FOLSCOUT.MSG to Fallout 3 story
Fallout 3 teaser to Fire gecko egg
Fire gecko hide to GENCHAT.MSG
GENCOP.MSG to Give Slaves to Boulder
Give Slaves to Boulder to Make Robobrains to HUBJAKE.MSG
HUBPATNT.MSG to Home-made laser rifle
Home-made machine gun to Irradiated heavy trooper
Irradiated marked men hunter to Joe Mueller
Joe Palmer to Kids ballcap with glasses
Kids baseball cap to Legion slave ledger
Legion sword to MARGoT
MARNEY.MSG to Master's mutants (film)
Master.dat to Michael Nicholson
Michael Onufrak to Movies
Mr. Bishop to Negotiate a water contract with Hoover Dam
Negotiator to Ofie Clan Plot
Ogden to PaulineWins.txt
Pauline Wins to Praying super mutant
Pre-Great War to RSAlphaLineholm.txt
RSBravoEricsen.txt to Regulators (faction)
Reid Underwood to Romanes Eunt Domus
Romania to Scorpion Joe Cornelius
Scorpion burrow to Sierra Madre snowglobe
Sierra Madre vault to Spork
Spotter to Switchblade (Fallout Tactics)
Switchblade (Van Buren) to The Launch
The Lavender Flower to Trackers
VCMACRAE.MSG to Vault City slave
Vault City travel log to Watershed
Watkins to Yellow pass key
Yellow reactor keycard to “sneak” critical

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