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"Fat Boy" Portable Nuclear Bomb to 5mm
5mm, armor piercing to Alien blaster (Fallout 4)
Alien blaster (Fallout Shelter) to Assistance Granted
Assistant to Bert (nightkin)
Bert Gunnarsson to Borman
Born Killer to Butcher
Butcher's Bill to Cass' moonshine
Cass' outfit to City of Lost Angels
City of the Dead to Court 35
Court Fork Overlook to Damaged garden gnome
Damaged rubber doll to Desolator
Desperado to Duff
Duff (Fallout 4) to Endangerol syringe
Endgame to Fallout: New Vegas casinos
Fallout: New Vegas cell ID to Fallout Tactics traits
Fallout Tactics vehicles to Flash grenade
Flash grenade (Fallout Tactics) to GUNCACHE.MSG
GUNLOCK.MSG to Gomorrah cashier
Gomorrah casino chip to Hands of God
Handyman jumpsuit to Honest Hearts world objects
Honey to Iryna Kucherenko
Isaac to John Adams (robot)
John Adlam to Kill Jeremiah
Kill Killian to Legion explorer armor
Legion healing powder to Lyons
Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel to MartinaGroesbeck.txt
Martina Groesbeck to Metro Station
Metro Utility gate key to Mormon Historic Park
Mormon camp to National Guard depot
National Guard depot terminal entries to Nyah! See?
O to ParadiseFallsSlaver1.txt
ParadiseFallsSlaverGuard01.txt to Poison
Poison Resistance to QCBIRD.MSG
QCCURLNG.MSG to Raul's Petro-Chico jumpsuit
Raul's Shack to Ripper (weapon)
Ripper HD chain to Sal
Sal's holotape to Sentry bot model
Sentry bot toy to Sledgehammer (Fallout Extreme)
Sledgehammer (Van Buren) to Stefan
Stein to Table spoon
Tabletop picture frame to The Pitt bridge
The Pitt bugs to Tranquility Lounger simulations
Tranquility lounger to VCHARRY.MSG
VCINGRD.MSG to Vault City
Vault City Downtown to Water chip dup
Water container to Y. Guo
Y0 research center to “sneak” critical

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