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"Fat Boy" Portable Nuclear Bomb to 6 of Diamonds - Sierra Madre
6 of Diamonds - Tops to Allison Valentine
AllistairTenpenny.txt to Autumn Senior
Avellone to Biogel
Biological Research to Broc Flower Cave
Broc flower to Cap Counterfeiting Shack
Cap counterfeiting shack to Choice Chops
Chomps Lewis to Cornelius has lost his gold pocket watch. Find it and return it to him
Cornucopia Fresh Groceries to DamWar armor
DamWar face mask to Devil Dog
Devil Slayer to EDE
EDE (Lonesome Road) to European Union
Evacuation holodisk to Fallout 2 source texts
Fallout 2 special encounters to Felipe Díaz
Felipe Montecinos to Free the Slaves
Free the Slaves (Van Buren) to Ghost people flesh
Ghost people meat to H. K. Tsen
H. Lector to Hologram: Addendum: Appearance 2.4.1
Hologram: hologram emitters 5.0 to Irradiated InstaMash
Irradiated Metro to John (Fallout 3)
John (Fallout Tactics) to King George III
King John of England to Liam O'Brien
Liberation of Anchorage to MP Fretwell
MP confiscated goods trunk to McBalWif.msg
McBaltha.msg to Mirelurk Ecology
Mirelurk bait grenade to NCRCFPowderGangerGun.txt
NCRCFScrambler.txt to Noelene Campbell
Nola to PER
PERK.MSG to Platinum Trophy
Platinum chip to QAWorldOrigin
QCBIRD.MSG to Reaver Dance
Reaver Movement to Robo-scorpion Mk3
Robo-scorpion Mk4 to Savil
Savina Greene to Shock sword
Shocker to Spam
Spanish Fork to Surgery kit
Surgical lamp to The Great War
The Grove to Traci Niels
Track down Pretty Boy Lloyd, recover the stolen money, and make an... to VESGSGeckoman.txt
VFSArcadeGannon.txt to Vcdwnbar.msg
Vclynett.msg to Were You Using That?
Werhner to Zion Valley welcome booth
Zion fishing lodge to “sneak” critical

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