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"Fat Boy" Portable Nuclear Bomb to 5 of Hearts - Gomorrah
5 of Hearts - Lucky 38 to Alien blaster (Fallout 3)
Alien captain to Audio Sample - Mobius' Robo-scorpion
Audio Sample - Opera Singer to Big Winner, The Tops
Big Winner, Ultra-Luxe to Brand
Brandice's house to Cal
Cal Morell to Chem Reliant
Chem Resistant to Commander Jabsco
Commando to DLC01Kai.txt
DLC01Krenshaw.txt to Defeat Dogbody
Defeat Mutant General to Dr. Mitchell's
Dr. Mobius to Enclave Patrol
Enclave Patrol (Fallout 2) to Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel factions
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel intro to Fallout Tactics reputations
Fallout Tactics robots to Flea
Fledgling trog to Gain entry to the Nursery
Gaius Magnus to Gorgi
Goris to Harrison Peters
Harry to Housekey - Jericho
Housekey - Lucas Simms to Jackson (New Vegas)
Jackson (Point Lookout) to Jotun.txt
Journal to Kristie Noton
Kristy Eva to List of Factions
List of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel characters to Mad About the Boy
Mad Bomber to Measles
Meat to Misfits Grenade Report (Good)
Misfits Rifle Report (Bad) to NCR-Khan conflict
NCR-Khans War to Nightstalker tail
Nighttime sniper to Outcast patrol
Outcast power armor to Pith helmet
Pitt to Protector (achievement)
Protector Casdin to Ranger Kudlow
Ranger Kudlow report to Rick (Fallout)
Rick (Fallout Tactics) to SafehouseBoSPaladin.txt
SafehouseFollowersDoctor.txt to Servant
Servant Allocation Center to Smitty (San Francisco)
Smitty Special to Street Sweeper
Street cleaner to Terminal entries
Terminal entry to Three Marys' caverns
Threedog to Ultra-Luxe cashier
Ultra-Luxe casino chip to Vault-Tec advanced power armor
Vault-Tec bobblehead to WW2
WWII to Woodrow Stamatios Jr.
Woody to “sneak” critical

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