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"Fat Boy" Portable Nuclear Bomb to 7 of Clubs - Gomorrah
7 of Clubs - Lucky 38 to Allistair Tenpenny
Allistair Tenpenny's suite key to AudioTemplateSuperMutant.txt
Audio Sample to Big Chief
Big Circle to Boulder Scientists Research or Write
Boulder Train Station to CG04AllenMack.txt
CG04Amata.txt to Cckevin.msg
Ccmedgrd.msg to Clinton Decola
Clip rounds to Crazy Bitch
Crazy Bomber to DashwoodTerminalPeople1
DashwoodTerminalPests to Dino
Dino Bite gift shop to Eager Ernie's password
Eagle-Eye to Escaped Slaves
Escaped Slaves (random encounter) to Fallout 2 companions
Fallout 2 computers to Father Donald
Father Elijah to Fort Independence terminal access password
Fort Independence terminal entries to Gene projector
General to Green paint
Green plate to HcMARCUS.msg
HcMINERS.msg to Hugh Riley
Hughes to Jacq's note
Jacqueline Grace Lopez to Joshua Walters
Jotun to Know When to Hold Them
Know Your Enemy to Lil' Devil
Lil' Gentry playground to MQ09HoldingCellZaxEye.txt
MQ11LibertyPrime.txt to Maxine Weinstein
Maxis to Military base level 4
Military base outside to Municipal sewers
Munson to New California Republic Information Disk 5
New California Republic Rangers to Old knife
Old lady Nelson to Personal Number
Personal footlocker to Pre-loaded explosive
Pre War to Rachel Roswell
Racial ability to Refugee tent
Reg to Rocky cave
Rococo Rockfowl to Scgunthr.msg
Schal.msg to Shopkeeper
Shopkeeper (Cathedral) to Sorrows Camp
Sorrows Fork Campground to Sunken chambers
Sunken sewer to Tesla cannon (Beta)
Tesla cannon (Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2) to Throwing stars (Fallout Tactics)
Thrown explosive to US Navy
US Security Statute A567/B to Vault-Man
Vault-Tec to WSTERM4A.MSG
WSTERM4B.MSG to Wind Ancestry
Wind Wall Docks to “sneak” critical

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