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"Fat Boy" Portable Nuclear Bomb to 6 of Diamonds - Sierra Madre
6 of Diamonds - Tops to Allison Valentine
AllistairTenpenny.txt to Autumn Senior
Avellone to Biogas canister
Biogel to Broadway
Broc Flower Cave to Cap
Cap Counterfeiting Shack to Chitlins
Chitsa to Corn seeds
Cornelius to Dallas
Dallas (Operation: Anchorage) to Devil's Proxy
Devil's Throat to ED-E's zapper
ED-E (Lonesome Road) to Europe
European Civil War to Fallout 2 robots and computers
Fallout 2 skill books to Federation Crash Site
Federation Shuttle to Free Ghoul prisoner
Free Labor to Ghost Hunter
Ghost Sight to H&K MP9 10mm SMG
H&K P90c to Holly Lambert
Hollywood to Irr. barrel cactus
Irr. crunchy mutfruit to Johanson
Johansson to Kimball
King to Lewis MKII
MORPH.MSG to Mayor Steyn
Mayor Steyn's journal to Minuteman Metro Station
Minuteman Metro station to NCR-Great Khan War
NCR-Great Khan war to No, Not Much
No-bark's shack to P94
P94 plasma rifle to Plasma scattergun
Plasma sniper rifle to Pure Human
Pure Water to Re: Shipping Error
Re: Shipping Problems (AGAIN!) to Robert Spindel
Robert Whiteman to Satellite control tower terminal entries
Satellite facility to Shipments of Quantum
Shipping Department in Lockdown to Southern California
Southern Cartridge to Super stimpak (Fallout: New Vegas)
Super stimpak (Fallout 2) to The Fallout WikiPedia:Help
The Fallout series to Town
VCMOORE.MSG to Vault hatch
Vault jumpsuit to Weapons in fallout 3
Weapons lab to Zeb Cooke
Zeke to “sneak” critical

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