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"Fat Boy" Portable Nuclear Bomb to 5 of Diamonds - Ultra-Luxe
5 of Hearts to Alien blaster (Fallout)
Alien blaster (Fallout: New Vegas) to AudioTemplateSuperMutant.txt
Audio Sample to Big Winner
Big Winner, Atomic Wrangler to Brainpower 7
Branchtender Cypress to Cain
Caius Drusus to Checking out
Cheesy poofs to Comm Officer Tilden
Comm station password to DLC01FFCorpseDump
DLC01Faydra.txt to Dee Bradley Baker
DeepFreeze Kitchen Storage Corporation to Dr. Lesko
Dr. Li to Enclave Hellfire helmet
Enclave Hellfire trooper to Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel cutscenes
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel derived statistics to Fallout Tactics reputations
Fallout Tactics robots to Fleeing
Fleetfoot to Galaxy News
Galaxy News Network to Gossamer Skin
Gotta Hand Grenade It to You to Harry Buerkle
Harry Collins to Hover robot
Hovering Anomaly to Jacob (Paladin)
Jacob (Van Buren) to Journal of Carrie Delaney
Journal of Carrie Delaney, Entry 1 to Kurisu
Kurt to List of intelligent deathclaws
Listen to Leanne's story about the Master to Mad glowing one
Mad scientist (Fallout) to Mechanics
Mechanist to Miss Jeanette
Miss Kitty to NCRCFScrambler.txt
NCRCF Uprising to Nipton
Nipton General Store to Outsmarted
Outstanding Orator to Pitt slaves (faction)
Pitt steel yard to Protonic inversal axe
Protonic inversal throwing axe to Ranger Station Charlie audio log 2
Ranger Station Delta to Rigged mailbox
Rigged shotgun to Salesman
Salesman Weekly to Seth
Seth (Fallout 3) to Smooth Talker
Smooth skin to Strike Team grenadier
Strike Team infantryman to Tesla armor
Tesla armor (Fallout) to Throwing knife (Fallout)
Throwing knife (Fallout: New Vegas) to Ultra-Luxe lobby
Ultra-Luxe penthouse to Vault-Tec Tesla armor
Vault-Tec Vault Information to WTRMGRD.MSG
WTRTHIEF.MSG to Woodrose
Woodrow Alferoff to “sneak” critical

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