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"Fat Boy" Portable Nuclear Bomb to 5.56mm
5.56mm, armor piercing to Alex Dargon
Alex Keller to Assault rifle (Van Buren)
Assault rifle (exp. mag.) to Better Criticals
Better Days to Bowditch
Bowie knife to CHFSergeantReyes.txt
CHIDGAB.MSG to Centurion helmet
Centurions to Coffee machine
Coffee mug to Cruz
Cry Me a River to Dead slave
Deadly Accuracy to Dog command tape
Dog food to Election Day
Election of Day to FN FAL (Fallout Tactics)
FN FAL (night sight) to Fallout 3 patch 1.61
Fallout 3 patch 1.7 to Finding Fawkes
Finding the Garden of Eden to Fusion
Fusion Cola to Ghoulification
Ghoulified NCR trooper to H&K L30 Gatling laser
H&K MP9 10mm SMG to Hit One Out of the Park
Hit Point to Install the pipe for the Nursery Power Plant
Instigator to Jerry the Punk
Jess Harnell to Keller Family Refuge
Keller Senior to Lawrence Mears
Lawrence Storey, Jr. to Lucky's
Lucky38CheckpointSecuritron.txt to Marie (The Pitt)
Marie (Van Buren) to Mercia Koster
Mercier to Mongolia
Mongrel to NVDLC04EDE.txt
NVDLC04Howard.txt to Nuka-Cola Challenge
Nuka-Cola Classic to Pain
Paine to Point Lookout (location)
Point Lookout (note) to QCCURLNG.MSG
QCFRANK.MSG to Raven Rock
Raven Rock terminal entries to Rivet City Supply
Rivet City armory to Sam Pritchard's map
Sam Riegal to Seymour
Seymour (Fallout 2) to Snakeater
Snakebite tourniquet to Strictly Business
Strictly Profitable to Tent
Tepid Sewers to Thomas Hildern
Thomas Jackson to U.S.S. Ebon Atoll
U.S.S. Interference to Van Buren places
Van Buren player characters to Vipers
Vipers' camp to Wilkins (Vault 101)
Wilks to “sneak” critical

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