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"Fat Boy" Portable Nuclear Bomb to 5 of Hearts - Ultra-Luxe
5 of Spades to Alien captive recorded log
Alien captive recorded log 11 to Audio Sample - Giant Tarantula
Audio Sample - Mobius' Robo-scorpion to Big Winner, Ultra-Luxe
Big Winner, Ultra Luxe to Brand
Brandice's house to Cal Morell
Calada to Checking out
Cheesy poofs to Combs
Come Fly With Me to DLC01ArenaCombatant03.txt
DLC01Ashur.txt to Deathclaws
Deathray to Downtown (Hub)
Downtown D.C. to Emily Weise (The Pitt)
Emily Wiese to Fallen Rock cave
Fallout to Fallout Tactics graffiti
Fallout Tactics holodisks and notes to Flare gun (Van Buren)
Flares to Gain Charisma
Gain Endurance to Gordon (Vault 13)
Gordon (ghoul) to Harry (Fallout 2)
Harry (Vault 11) to Hovering Anomaly
How Little We Know to Jacob Young
Jacob the Chemist to Journal Entry - Day 2
Journal Entry - Day 3 to Kudlow's report log
Kurisu to Listen to Stacy's kitty story
Listening Post to Maggie.txt
Maggie (Fallout 3) to Medic
Medic! to Mission statement XV-56
Missionary to NCR Ranger Safehouse
NCR Ranger Veteran commander to Nola
NolanMcNamara.txt to Owyn Lyons
Oxygen tank to Plasma grenade (Fallout: New Vegas)
Plasma grenade (Fallout 2) to Pugsley
Pulowski Preservation Services to Ransom note (Fallout: New Vegas)
Raoul hat to Ritter
Ritual Site to Sam Riegel
Sam Santos to Shady Pines Trailer Park
Shady Sands to Sniper rifle (Fallout 3)
Sniper rifle (Fallout Extreme) to Submarine
Submarine self-destruct codes to Test Man
Test Site snow globe to Timebomb
Timebomb.txt to Underpass citizen
Underseer to Vault 101 child jumpsuit
Vault 101 classroom to Wang Dang Atomic Tango
Wannamingo to X-13 stealth testing lab
X-13 testing facility to “sneak” critical

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