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"Fat Boy" Portable Nuclear Bomb to 5 of Diamonds - Ultra-Luxe
5 of Hearts to Alien atomizer
Alien biogel to Atticus (cut content)
Attis to Big Town common house
Big Trouble in Big Town to Brainpower 7
Branchtender Cypress to Café of Broken Dreams
Cain to Check on Ranger Station Charlie
Check out this mod I've been working on! to Comm Officer Stepinac
Comm Officer Tilden to DLC01Bingo.txt
DLC01Bone.txt to Declaration of Vital Essence
Deco-filament to Dr. Jiang
Dr. Johnson to Empty whisky bottle
Enbalming fluid to Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Official Strategy Guide
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel SPECIAL to Fallout Tactics keys
Fallout Tactics locations to Flare gun
Flare gun (Fallout: New Vegas) to Gabriel (Gun Runners)
Gabriel (Van Buren) to Goodsprings Schoolhouse Safe
Goodsprings Source to Harold's heart
Harold.txt to HouseToolsTerminal15
HouseToolsTerminal16 to Jackal
Jackal camp to Joshua (Vault City)
Joshua (mentioned) to Konrad Simmons
Kor to Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader
Lionheart - Legacy of the Crusader to Machete.txt
Machete (Fallout: New Vegas) to McPerson.msg
McProtec.msg to Mirelurk meat
Mirelurk nesting hole to NCNIKKI.MSG
NCPITBOX.MSG to Night stand
Night stick to Ouroboros design document/1
Ouroboros design document/2 to Pipboy (special encounter)
Pipe to Prospector
Prospector's Den to Randy Culley
Range to Richard Moll
Richard Moreau to SUPER.MSG
Sabotage Becky's still to Sergeant Andrews
Sergeant Benjamin Montgomery to Smith's Cool Item
Smith's house to Store merchant
Storeroom key to Tenpenny Tower terminal entries
Tenpenny Towers to Thorn's master key
Thorn slinger to USS Ozymandias terminal entries
USS Quetzel to Vasquez Villanova Hernandez Ortega
WIEVCDSK.MSG to Withdrawal
Withers to “sneak” critical

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