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"Fat Boy" Portable Nuclear Bomb to 5 of Clubs - Tops
5 of Clubs - Ultra-Luxe to Alice Hostetler
Alice MacDougall to Atomic Wrangler casino chips
Atomic Wrangler chip to Big Iron On His Hip
Big Jesus Mordino to Brahmin (Fallout 2)
Brahmin (Fallout 3) to CSVENT.MSG
CSXDOOR.MSG to Charles Cuevas
Charles Curling to Colt Rangemaster hunting rifle
Columbia Commonwealth to D.C. Metro Service Bureau
D.C. Transit Authority to Dean's Electronics (Fallout 3)
Dean's Electronics (Fallout Tactics) to Domesticated
Domestication unit to Elisa Gabrieli
Elise to FW:FEAT
FW:FORUM to Fallout Collection
Fallout Credits to First aid kit
First aid kit (cut) to GIZGUARD.MSG
GIZMO.MSG to Gloria
Gloria Mack to Hal Jenkins
Haley to Honest Hearts endings
Honest Hearts factions to Israel
Israel Michaels to John Dickenson
John Doe to Kill the weedlings
Killain to Lepelletier
Lerk to MFC cluster mine
MFC grenade to Mathers
Mathia to Micro Forte
Micro Forté to Mr. Sandman
Mr. Simmons to Nellis schoolhouse
Nellis train tunnel key to Old Man McGee
Old Mormon Fort to People's Bank of Point Lookout terminal entries
People's Liberation Army to Precision Gatling laser
Preludio to Rad Child
Rad Pack to Remove agents
Renaissance Man to Rose's deathclaw omelet
Rose's wasteland omelet to Scourge
Scourge of God to Silus.txt
Silus Treatment to Squire (rank)
Squire Maxson to T-51b power helmet (Fallout: New Vegas)
T-800 to The Nuka-Cola Challenge
The Nuka Cola Challenge to Tranquillity Lane
Transcribed Chinese Correspondence to VFSElizabethKieran.txt
VFSFisto.txt to Vault security guard
Vault security helmet to Weapon mod
Weapon mods to YumYum Deviled Eggs (Fallout: New Vegas)
YumYum Deviled Eggs (Fallout 3) to “sneak” critical

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