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For an overview of spear types in various games, see Spear.

A razor tipped polearm. The shaft is wooden, and the tip is worked steel.

The spear is a throwing and melee weapon in Fallout and Fallout 2.


Does minimal damage in the early parts of the game, and has a 2-space hit range. It can be thrown, but is better to be sold and switched for other weapons. On the other hand, this is one of the only ranged weapons for a completely melee-based character.


In Fallout 2, Mynoc can turn a spear into a sharpened spear if brought a piece of flint.



In Fallout, they are commonly carried by raiders, as well as many Junktown police officers. Aradesh also gives one if his request to rescue Tandi is accepted.

Fallout 2Edit

In Fallout 2, the Chosen One starts the game with a spear, and various enemies early in the game wield them as well, especially tribals.

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