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For an overview of spacesuits in the Fallout series, see Space suit.

The spacesuit is an outfit in Fallout 76.


The spacesuit is a reflective sheen jump suit with straps along the back and front with pockets along the entirety of the suit the helmet has the same foil like sheen with a full black visor. It has the nametag "Cooper."


Behind the scenesEdit

The spacesuit is a very close replica to the Navy Mark IV spacesuits used in the Mercury program. The name tag reads "G...o Cooper," with the first name being obscured by one of the suit's black straps. This appears to be a reference to astronaut Gordon "Gordo" Cooper Jr., the Pilot of Mercury-Atlas 9 in 1963 and the Command Pilot of Gemini 5 in 1965.


The spacesuit helmet continues to provide disease protection as long as it remains equipped, even if it has been fully damaged during combat.


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