South Boston military checkpoint terminal entries are a series of entries found on two identical terminals in the South Boston military checkpoint in Fallout 4.

South Boston checkpoint terminalEdit


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Current OrdersEdit


Echo Company, 104th Infantry Regiment


Subject: Search and Seizure Procedure

Effective 01 Aug 2077, all vehicles traveling through designated checkpoint must submit to a full stop and inspection. Inspections may include the stripping and deconstruction of suspicious vehicles. Citizens are to wait inside the designated areas during inspection, avoiding communication at all times. At no time will they be allowed to tamper with the vehicle until an inspection has ended. Magazines and other approved periodicals may be made available during the waiting period. A civilian may leave once the inspection is passed. Should an inspection result in a inoperable vehicle, the vehicle and/or all parts will be shipped to the civilians within 10-15 business days. Soldiers are instructed to refer the civilians to a list of taxi services available in your area.

Upon the detection of any contraband (as listed in the field manual), please contact Military Police immediately and detain vehicle's passengers until arrival. Means of detainment are subject to the discretion of the highest ranking officer on-site.

Log EntriesEdit

Subject: Jones FamilyEdit


Date: 05 Sep 2077
Subject: Jones, Philip and Sarah (wife)

Status: Cleared without Incident

Notes: Subject ex-military, US Marine. Cooperation noted. Search yielded nothing of note, personal luggage and one musical instrument; trombone. Contents of vehicle matched the subjects story.

Subject: Donald BuczynskyEdit


Date: 24 Sep 2077
Subject: Buczynsky, Donald

Status: Cleared without Incident

Notes: Subject reported as church pastor. Attire matched story. Inspector found no need for further interrogation, subjetIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic was cleared.

Subject: Dearing and KennedyEdit


Date: 02 Oct 2077
Subject: Dearing, Keith and Kennedy, Collin

Status: Cleared with Minor Incident

Notes: Trunk of vehicle contained miscellaneous camera equipment and general tools. Subjects briefly detained and questionsIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic. Produced all proper permits for filming within city limits. Incident filed with HQ, subjects allowed passage.

Subject: Wu FamilyEdit


Date: 11 Oct 2077
Subject: Wu, Michael and Jennifer (wife), son George

Status: Detained

Notes: Subjects displayed suspicious behavior, resulting in a full inspection, including dismantling the vehicle. Despite a lack of contraband and a full apology from the inspection lead, the subjects began acting aggressively, including yelling at soldiers in a foreign language (most likely Chinese). Subjects were detained and Military Police wasIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic contacted in accordance with the field manual.

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Entry after Quinlan collects the data in Learning Curve.


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