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For an overview of laser pistol models in various games, see Laser pistol.
For the unique weapon appearing in Fallout 3, see Smuggler's End (Fallout 3).
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From dusty cantinas to the end of the line, a true anti-hero's weapon.— In-game description

The Smuggler's End is a weapon that appears in Fallout Shelter.


The Smuggler's End is a laser gun featured in Fallout Shelter that uses energy cells as ammunition. Dealing a minimum of 7 damage per attack, it has the highest damage output for an energy pistol in the game.



Weapon nameIcon gun Weapon damageIcon damage Weapon valueIcon merchant rarityIcon rarity
Rusty laser pistol 7 10 common
Laser pistol 7-8 100 rare
Tuned laser pistol 7-9 100 rare
Focused laser pistol 7-10 100 rare
Amplified laser pistol 7-11 100 rare
Smuggler's End 7-12 500 legendary



A high Agility statistic is needed to effectively create the Smuggler's End.

Shovel (3)
rangeIcon range
Caps x16,800
levelIcon level
Smuggler's End (1)

Behind the scenesEdit

The description and name of this weapon is an obvious reference to a character in the movie franchise Star Wars. The character, Han Solo, is a smuggler that uses a laser blaster as his primary weapon. The first part of the description, "From dusty cantinas..." refers to one scene where Han Solo is cornered in a cantina on a desert planet by a bounty hunter looking for him, where he famously uses his blaster to escape.[1]




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