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Sloan is a small settlement for the Quarry Junction miners[1] located in the Mojave Wasteland, east of Goodsprings.


Sloan is a mining camp off the Long 15 Highway. It was once a place where workers earned a good living by making cement for the NCR using the limestone quarry, until deathclaws showed up and infested the quarry. The miners are now out of work unless someone can solve their deathclaw problem.


When entering Sloan from the south you will be on a road, the Long 15 Highway. To the left of the road are four main buildings and 1 outhouse. The leftmost building, worker barracks, has two skill books, Dean's Electronics and Duck and Cover, as well as some other loot. The second building, the mining office, has a stash of bottle caps noted curiously for donations. The third building, the machine shop, has a workbench and some scrap metal, a few tubes of wonderglue and other loot. The last building, the mess hall is where you get the unmarked quest, You Gotta Break Out a Few Eggs.

There is a generator outside the mining office in Sloan that provides power to Quarry Junction and is not assembled properly. Repairing the generator will complete the unmarked quest Power to the People.


Notable loot

Related quests


  • If you ask Jas Wilkins about where she got her recipe she tells you about her Aunt that lived in Modoc and had a deathclaw in a shed until a stranger came into town and shot it in the eye. Also in Modoc was a cow with an injured leg you could heal, similar to Snuffles.
  • Upon fast traveling to the area or leaving one of the buildings in the camp, nearby Powder Gangers may attack the residents.
  • South of the town down the highway is a railway bridge. Under the bridge is the corpse of a Bright Follower. The corpse contains a Bright Brotherhood robe and an energy weapon.
  • You may overhear a worker talking about something he saw over the ridge, putting the Great Khan encampment on your map.
  • Snuffles counts as a guard dog and will see through your disguise if you have a negative reputation with the NCR and become hostile.


Sloan only appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

  • Sloan is the name of an unincorporated area in Clark County, Nevada.


  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 Occasionally, the deathclaw alpha male will spawn right outside town when leaving a building in Sloan.
  • pcIcon pc Sometimes, hearing a worker idly commenting about sighting some peoples on the ridge overlooking the quarry will not add the Great Khan Encampment marker. Sometimes instead, the marker will be suddenly added to the map, even without the idle remark being heard.


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