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You have been marked as a member of the Slaver's Guild. The tattoo on your forehead makes your profession evident to everyone you meet.

Slaver is a reputation received by joining the Slaver's Guild. This is generally considered a bad thing, and frowned upon by most residents of the wasteland.



The following quest become unavailable to slavers.


The following quest become available only to slavers:

  • Slave Runs: The Chosen One can ask Metzger about making a slave run. They and a small group of allied slavers will arrive at a location and fight several guards. Once the guards have been eliminated combat can be ended, and the slavers with the character will round up any remaining NPCs on the map.


Generally speaking, slave runs get more difficult each time, with guards becoming more numerous and well-armed. The player character is paid for each slave run, though the pay is reduced for any slaver casualties during the full raid.

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