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Skylanes smuggling manifest is a note in Fallout 4. The cargo contents listed will vary for different games.


Some aspects of each manifest remain constant from game to game, such as the manifest number, date, flight number, and the people involved in the deal. The contents listed in each shipment will vary.


  • One manifest is located at the crashsite of Skylanes Flight 1981, in a Master Safe called "hidden compartment" in the cargo section under the cockpit. You will need Locksmith rank 3 to get it.
  • Another manifest is located at the crashsite of Skylanes Flight 1665 within the Glowing Sea, in another Master-locked hidden compartment within the cargo section.


Skylanes 1981Edit

  1. K53-0901

Skylanes 1981

Source: T.D. - Chicago
Destination: J.M. - Boston

Cargo Contents:
3 - Psycho
4 - Stimpack
8 - Rad-X
2 - Combat Rifle
29 - .45 Round
3 - 10mm
43 - 10mm Round
5 - Fusion Core
20 - Shotgun Shell
$2500 Cash

Skylanes 1665Edit

  1. K51-0212

Skylanes 1665

Source: A.H. - Washington
Destination: J.M. - Boston

Cargo Contents:
3 - Rad-X
12 - Mentats
2 - Gauss Rifle
58 - 2mm Electromagnetic Cartridge
3 - Assault Rifle
33 - 5.56 Round
25 - .38 Round
$2500 Cash

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