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Skylanes Flight 1981 recording is a holodisk in Fallout 4.


The tape can be acquired by picking up the flight data recorder in the cockpit of Skylanes Flight 1981.



Pilot 1: Boston Tower, Skylanes 1981, Acknowledge, Over.

Pilot 2: Damn it... what's going on?

Pilot 1: Oh God!

Pilot 1: Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, Boston Tower, Skylanes 1891In-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic, Lost Engines. We're... We're Breaking up!

Pilot 2: There! Aim for the road!

Pilot 2: Pull up! Pull Up!



When the pilot says "mayday" he identifies the plane as flight "1891" despite identifying the flight as 1981 in his previous sentence. It's possible that, in his terror, he accidentally fumbled the callsign.

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