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I hope you don't mind your drink well-watered - they treat beer here like it's a potted plant.


The Skum Pitt is a bar in Junktown owned by Neal.


The best bar in the town, the Skum Pitt is run by Neal and offers entertainment, good company and drinks. Open each day, from 16:00 to 4:00.



  • Trish works as a waitress there. If the Vault Dweller enters after 18:00, they will be accosted by a rowdy Skulz gang member. Neal effectively responds to him bothering Trish with his ordnance.
  • Tycho, the desert ranger and a recruitable NPC, and Ismarc, a singer who can inform the Dweller about new locations, both often hang out there in the evenings.
  • The bar has a back room with empty storage and a bed.
  • Should the Vault Dweller get caught stealing Neal's urn (containing his late wife's ashes), Tycho, Neal, and Ismarc will turn hostile. This prevents access to one of the best NPC recruits in the game.


The Skum Pitt appears only in the first Fallout game. The Skum Pitt can also be found as a sort of easter egg in Fallout 2, although it serves no discernible purpose and is also mentioned in the Fallout Bible.

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