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The skull is a junk item in Fallout 4.


An intact human skull can be used to craft raider poles, tents and taxidermied ghouls. They can also be scrapped to produce three bones. They may be found scattered throughout the wasteland, but cannot be removed from complete skeletons.


  • 3 skulls can be found at rotten landfill. Look to the bridge pier, there is a shack with the skulls in it.
  • At least 12 skulls can be found at Fens street sewer, scattered throughout the location.
  • Skull behind register in store across the street from Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ front entrance.
  • 2 skulls can be found near Diamond City. A group of super mutants and hounds, often fighting Diamond City security guards, is just up the street from the front entrance. One can be found on the second floor rafter of the super mutant occupied building. The second, across the street in the store front, behind the register.
  • Skulls can also be found at Wildwood Cemetery within the tombs, white infrastructures, surrounding the area.


The skull eye socket miscellaneous item does not actually resemble the eye socket of the human skull. It more closely resembles the Foramen Magnum, the hole on the bottom of the skull which the spinal chord runs through. The item was most likely mislabeled.

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