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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

//begin 8th September 2000 revision
name_smallGuns = {Small Guns}
name_bigGuns = {Big Guns}
name_energyWeapons = {Energy Weapons}
name_unarmed = {Unarmed}
name_meleeWeapons = {Melee Weapons}
name_throwing = {Throwing}
name_firstAid = {First Aid}
name_doctor = {Doctor}
name_sneak = {Sneak}
name_lockpick = {Lockpick}
name_steal = {Steal}
name_traps = {Traps}
name_science = {Science}
name_repair = {Repair}
name_speech = {Speech}
name_barter = {Barter}
name_gambling = {Gambling}
name_outdoorsman = {Outdoorsman}
name_pilot = {Pilot}
desc_smallGuns = {The use, care and general knowledge of small firearms - pistols, SMGs and rifles.}
desc_bigGuns = {The operation and maintenance of really big guns - miniguns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers and such.}
desc_energyWeapons = {The care and feeding of energy-based weapons. How to arm and operate weapons that use laser or plasma technology.}
desc_unarmed = {A combination of martial arts, boxing and other hand-to-hand martial arts. Combat with your hands and feet.}
desc_meleeWeapons = {Using non-ranged weapons in hand-to-hand, or melee combat - knives, sledgehammers, spears, clubs and so on.}
desc_throwing = {The skill of muscle-propelled ranged weapons, such as throwing knives, spears and grenades.}
desc_firstAid = {General healing skill. Used to heal small cuts, abrasions and other minor ills.}
desc_doctor = {The healing of major wounds and crippled limbs. Without this skill, it will take a much longer period of time to restore crippled limbs to use.}
desc_sneak = {Quiet movement, and the ability to remain unnoticed. If successful, you will be much harder to locate. You cannot run and sneak at the same time.}
desc_lockpick = {The skill of opening locks without the proper key. The use of lockpicks or electronic lockpicks will greatly enhance this skill.}
desc_steal = {The ability to make the things of others your own. Can be used to steal from people or places.}
desc_traps = {The finding and removal of traps. Also the setting of explosives for demolition purposes.}
desc_science = {Covers a variety of high technology skills, such as computers, biology, physics and geology.}
desc_repair = {The practical application of the Science skill for fixing broken equipment, machinery and electronics.}
desc_speech = {The ability to communicate in a practical and efficient manner. The skill of convincing others that your position is correct. The ability to lie and not get caught.}
desc_barter = {Trading and trade-related tasks. The ability to get better prices for items you sell, and lower prices for items you buy.}
desc_gambling = {The knowledge and practical skills related to wagering. The skill at cards, dice and other games.}
desc_outdoorsman = {Practical knowledge of the outdoors, and the ability to live off the land. The knowledge of plants and animals.}
desc_pilot = {The ability to operate and maintain all vehicles effectively.}

mod_smallGuns = {5% + (4 x AG)}
mod_bigGuns = {0% + (2 x AG)}
mod_energyWeapons = {0% + (2 x AG)}
mod_unarmed = {30% + (2 x (AG + ST))}
mod_meleeWeapons = {20% + (2 x (AG + ST))}
mod_throwing = {0% + (4 x AG)}
mod_firstAid = {30% + (2 x (PE + IN))}
mod_doctor = {0% + (PE + IN)}
mod_sneak = {0% + (3 x AG)}
mod_lockpick = {10% + (PE + AG)}
mod_steal = {0% + (3 x AG)}
mod_traps = {10% + (PE + AG)}
mod_science = {0% + (4 x IN)}
mod_repair = {0% + (3 x IN)}
mod_speech = {5% + (5 x CH)}
mod_barter = {0% + (4 x CH)}
mod_gambling = {0% + (5 x LK)}
mod_outdoorsman = {0% + (2 x (EN + IN))}
mod_pilot = {0% + (2 x (PE + AG))}

//end 8th September 2000 revision

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