"Sit and Dream" is a song broadcast on Radio New Vegas in Fallout: New Vegas. It appears on the Bruton CD Colourful Characters, which was produced by Roberto Borzoni. Only available for licensing for movies/tv/games from APM music.


Sleep, go to sleep
Just lay down your weary head
Dream, sweetly dream
Dream about tomorrow instead

Sleep, go to sleep
Whisperin' a lullaby tune
Dream, sweetly dream
Swinging with the man in the moon

Why don't you go
Down where the sandman plays
And take it slow
Cause you can doze all day
And don't you know
That when you finally wake
All your lovely dreams will come true

So just close your eyes
Listen to a sweet lullaby
Sleep, softly sleep
And let the world go by


Sit and Dream [1]

Fallout New Vegas song Sit and dream01:30

Fallout New Vegas song Sit and dream

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