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A siren is a settlement object in Fallout 4.


When built and properly powered, a siren can provide a valuable alarm to alert settlers in a settlement. The siren sits dormant until activated. When activated, either by the Sole Survivor or a settler, the siren lets out a loud wail, alerting settlers to danger, and telling them to stop what they're doing and draw their weapons.


Copper (5)
Steel (9)
Rubber (1)
rangeIcon range
levelIcon level
Siren (1)


  • The siren is located under Resources → Miscellaneous.
  • The siren needs to be wired to an active generator in order to function, and it draws 1 power from the grid.
  • Placing the siren near a manned guard post allows the settler assigned to defense there to quickly raise an alarm during an attack
  • When deactivating a siren, it sometimes cycles through one or more wails before actually quieting down.

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