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For an overview of shotgun models in the Fallout series of games, see shotgun.

The single shotgun is a weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.


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A shotgun, also called a "scattergun," is a firearm designed to shoot a multitude of lead or steel balls of varying sizes, greatly increasing the weapon's hit potential. This makes it very effective at hunting game. However, the accuracy and power found at close range starts to diminish as the target gets farther away. Shotguns designed for the military's use are often called "combat shotguns."


Along with the varmint rifle, the 9mm pistol and laser pistol, the single shotgun is available to the player at the lowest levels of the game and has the highest single shot damage of the four. Though it only carries a single round of ammunition, it has a fast reload speed that allows multiple shots in a single V.A.T.S. round and is quite accurate for a shotgun, with the second lowest weapons spread after Dinner Bell.


The single shotgun can fire a total of about 995 standard rounds from full condition before breaking.

Ammunition typeDurability
Standard, 3/0 buck, slug & pulse slug995995
Magnum & 3/0 buck Magnum865865



The receiver, when viewed in 3rd-person, appears to have an iridescent coloring to it.



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