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The Silver Shroud costume, Silver Shroud armor and Silver Shroud hat are pieces of clothing in Fallout 4.


The Silver Shroud costume/armor is a dark, silvery-gray trench coat which, along with its matching Silver Shroud Hat, is obtainable in Fallout 4 as part of The Silver Shroud side quest. When first obtained from Hubris Comics, the outfit will be named "Silver Shroud Costume" and be relatively weak. However, when it is given to Kent Connolly early in the quest, he will hand it back with an upgrade and the outfit will be called "Silver Shroud Armor."

After the quest is finished, and if Kent Connolly survives, he will offer upgrades to the trench coat, but they may not be available until certain character levels are reached. Whenever a new upgrade is available, the Silver Shroud Radio channel will become active when the player character is around Goodneighbor and Kent will state he has a 'special delivery' for the Silver Shroud.

Note that any time the costume is upgraded it will automatically reach its highest available level, meaning if one chooses to wait until level 45 to complete the quest, the costume will be raised to its maximum level upon upgrading.


Level Acquired Name Weight Dam Resist Energy Resist Rad Resist Effects Value Base ID
-- Silver Shroud costume 2 0 15 15 +1 Agility
+1 Perception
40 0014e58b
-- Silver Shroud armor 7 42 42 0 +1 Agility
+1 Perception
600 0002f525
25 Silver Shroud armor 7 57 57 0 +1 Agility
+1 Perception
750 000ded27
35 Silver Shroud armor 7 70 70 0 +1 Agility
+1 Perception
875 000ded28
45 Silver Shroud armor 7 87 87 0 +1 Agility
+1 Perception
1000 000ded29



  • Once fully upgraded, the Silver Shroud armor is second only to the Railroad heavy armor MK V in terms of damage resistance, but lags behind in energy resistance. It also weighs far less than the Railroad armor, at 7 instead of 50. This makes the Silver Shroud armor a very usable armor choice even into the late game.
  • Any upgrades the player character has applied to the costume will be lost when Kent upgrades it, and will need to be recrafted.
  • Talking to Kent Connolly when not in possession of the costume will result in him telling the Sole Survivor to return when they have it.
  • Wearing the costume will unlock unique dialogue with a couple of comic book themed characters, namely the randomly encountered Manta Man and the Mechanist in the Automatron add-on.
  • Wearing the costume will result in pre-War societies and entities commenting on it on occasion.
  • Wearing the costume unlocks unique dialog with several characters in the Nuka-World add-on.


pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 If you complete the quest after reaching level higher than 45, Kent won't offer any upgrades until you reach level 100. On PC, Using console command set MS04ArmorLevel to 45 and returning to Kent can fix this. This can also happen at lower levels (26-44). If you wish to get the earlier upgrades, you can set the armor's level to 25 or 35 using the console command. [verified]


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