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For the quest, see The Silver Shroud.

Death has come for you... and I am its Shroud!

— Silver Shroud

The Silver Shroud is a fictional character in the Fallout world and the protagonist of the Silver Shroud franchise.


The Silver Shroud is a fictional character created by Hubris Comics. He is a mysterious vigilante who prowls the streets of Boston, terrorizing criminals across the city. He is always depicted wearing a long black trench coat with a silver scarf, a black fedora, and wielding a Silver submachine gun as his preferred weapon. His former love interest, the Mistress of Mystery, is a regular accomplice of his.

According to Kent Connolly, a fan of the character, he did battle with Captain Cosmos in 2071 during a Thanksgiving crossover episode of his radio serial. Additionally, he appeared regularly as a member of The Unstoppables, along with other Hubris Comics heroes such as Grognak the Barbarian.


  • If disguised as the Silver Shroud while speaking to The Mechanist, The Mechanist will refer to the Sole Survivor as such.
  • Porter Gage will dislike the Sole Survivor using Silver Shroud speech options while he is a companion.


The Silver Shroud is seen exclusively in Fallout 4.