The signed catcher's mitt is a quest item in Fallout 4.


It is a unique, pre-War baseball mitt, with autographs from baseball players.



Westing Estate - Inside of a toolbox in a destroyed garage next to a ruined house.

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ps4Icon ps4 This item, along with the signed baseball and signed baseball card relics may respawn about a week after The quest Out in Left Field is completed. However once taken, it cannot be removed, dropped, or sold. It is advised that the player may go back to the Westing Estate, and retrieve another copy if they favor the items as souvenirs. However once taken, a second set cannot be obtained and will remain in the player's inventories and can only be removed with the use of mods or console commands, or give them to Moe Cronin for caps. [verified]

  • After the items are no longer flagged as quest items, they can be placed in storage containers or be dropped.