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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.
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This is a transcript for dialogue with Shop-Tec, vending machine in the Secret Vault..

Welcome to the Shop-Tec computerized trading system, an advanced experimental vending machine to help you get the equipment that you'll need for daily post-apocalyptic living!

Cool. What have you got?
Forget it. Bye.

Welcome to Shop-Tec! How can I help you?

Let's see what you have to trade.
Never mind.

This Shop-Tec trading computer is damaged! Install replacement parts or contact your friendly Shop-Tec maintenance personnel. Have a nice day!

Let me try fiddling with it. Something's bound to work...
I found this computer chip. Let's see if it does anything...
Oh well.

Replacement hardware has been installed... This Shop-Tec computerized trading terminal is now fully operational! Enjoy!

Good. Let's trade.
I don't need to use this right now.

Warning! Unauthorized tampering with Shop-Tec circuitry may yield undesirable results! In other words... quit fucking around!
Warning! Unauthorized tampering with Shop-Tec circuitry may yield undesirable results! In other words... quit screwing around!

I found this computer chip. Let's see if it does anything...
Shit. Well, I guess I can still try to find a replacement part...

Re-calibrating... Super discount pricing is now activated, you lucky dog!

I found this computer chip. Let's see if it does anything?
Cool. Now I just need the parts to get it working again?

Oh yes! It feels so good when you do that! Oh, I'm such a bad girl... do it again! Yes! Yes!

Uh, maybe this computer chip will fix the problem.
Eugh! I'm not touching this machine again until I find those replacement parts...

Feel free to browse the entire fun-filled catalog of Shop-Tec products!
Shop-Tec has anything and everything for your post-apocalyptic needs!
Whatever atomic horrors you face in the wasteland, Shop-Tec has the right gear to keep you and your family safe.
Neither Shop-Tec nor its parent corporation is responsible for any injuries resulting from improper use of equipment!
Shop-Tec and the Shop-Tec computerized trading system are trademarks of the Vault-Tec corporation.
Why spend your valuable time rummaging through radioactive rubble when you can get all your equipment quickly and safely using Shop-Tec!
Be sure to tell all of your friends how much you love the Shop-Tec computerized trading system!
In this topsy-turvy post-apocalyptic world, you can never have enough ammunition! Buy some today... at Shop-Tec!
You look like you could use a good knife! Shop-Tec has a wide variety to choose from… at prices you won't believe!
Don't take chances with dirty, dishonest wasteland traders! Use clean, courteous Shop-Tec to buy quality equipment at low, low prices!
Ladies, don't let radioactive fallout give you a bad hair day! Use Shop-Tec brand helmets to protect your perm from those pesky isotopes!
Even though the world is a post-nuclear mess, you can still look great and feel great wearing form-fitting Shop-Tec armor!
No happy homemaker's medicine cabinet would be complete without Shop-Tec brand stimpaks!
Tired of unwanted attention from bad-mannered men? Get yourself a "Vindicator" heavy gatling gun, and show those brutes that you mean business! Available now at Shop-Tec!
Ooo, I like a man who knows what he wants … and buys it from Shop-Tec!
Did you know that four out of five gals go wild over guys who use Shop-Tec brand products? It's true!
Turn that frown upside down, mister... with Shop-Tec brand stimpaks!
Getting bullied by atomic monstrosities? Gals will really notice you when you fight back with a Shop-Tec power fist!
Our sensors detect that you're mostly dead. Please report to a nearby medical facility or morgue as soon as possible. Shop-Tec cares about its customers!
Got those radiation-poisoning blues? Use Rad-X chemical agents to chase those blues away... available at Shop-Tec!
Shop-Tec is an equal opportunity computerized trading system, available to all kinds of post-apocalyptic radioactive freaks... like you!
Please be courteous to other Shop-Tec customers by cleaning the console of any radioactive ooze that you might be secreting. Thanks!

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