Shady Sands entrance

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Shady Sands entrance
map markerEntrance
part ofShady Sands
questsCure Jarvis of Radscorpion Poison
Make Poison Antidote
Stop the Radscorpions
Rescue Tandi from the Raiders

The entrance is a sub-section of Shady Sands in Fallout.


The entrance to Shady Sands contains:

  • The front gate where Katrina and Seth greet visitors
  • An empty house
  • The guard shack, where the companion Ian can be recruited
  • The "hospital", which contains Razlo and his wife
  • A public bathroom
  • And the town hall in which Aradesh, his daughter Tandi, and his cook reside. It is also filled with various citizens, peasants and children that wander about aimlessly.

Notable lootEdit

Inside the empty house in the northwest part of town, you can find:

Inside the Guard Shack, you can find:

Inside Razlo's house, you can find:

Inside the community hall - where Aradesh can always be found - you can find:



Shady Sands entrance appears only in Fallout.

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