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The service route is a location in Puesta del Sol in the Sierra Madre.


The service route has three entrances which require the foreman's key to unlock. One entrance is behind a Very Hard locked gate surrounded by the cloud. Another one is in a southern courtyard. The key is located at the back of Puesta del Sol. From the entrance to the Puesta del Sol switching station walk west and enter the room with terminals (mind the bear trap). Go up the stairs and it will be on a desk between a broken terminal and a coffee pot.

The route itself consists mainly of tiled stone archways, with a collapsed area in the eastern part.

If you do not unlock the service route and complete the Dead Money main story quest, the service route will automatically be unlocked and you can access two of the entrances without the foreman's key. However the third entrance, behind the Very Hard locked gate, will still be locked and you will still need the foreman's key to unlock that one door.

Notable loot


The service route appears in Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.

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