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Gametitle-FO4 NW
Gametitle-FO4 NW

Secure beverageer lab terminal entries are entries found on one terminal within Secure beverageer lab in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Secure beverageer lab terminalEdit


== Property of Nuka-Cola Corporation ==

[Research Logs]
[User Logs]

Research LogsEdit

Compound L3N2-TGEdit


Sample Designation: L3N2-TG

Testing Notes:

Isotope sample has failed to reach stability. Internal thermogenesis resulting in sublimation of toxic fumes. Had to clear the Hot Lab and run a full system cleanse.



Compound M6N5-UDEdit


Sample Designation: M6N5-UD

Testing Notes:

Sample seems to have reached semi-stabg-00wu90jgwa-hkj00maw=ime0a-ghk mih9=-rsem0hi-0i=-0wamjopgwkjt3o2iqj00ghfjiejmgtew[j[0j9g';rwajm[gtew


File corruption detected

Compound Q4N7-UMEdit


Sample Designation: Q4N7-UM

Testing Notes:

Strontium-90 retention seems adequate. Substance stays liquid at temperatures up to 127c and dosen't create toxic vapor. Thermogenic reaction can be achieved by manipulation of electron sub-field.

If we can find a safe way to trigger the radioactive thermogenesis, this may be exactly what I've been looking for. Also it has a pleasant blue glow.


Compound Q4N7-UM - 0.245Edit


Sample Designation: Q4N7-UM - 0.245

Testing Notes:

Repeatable thermogenetic trigger has been achieved. Substance stays in liquid form after trigger, but will explode from a suitable impact. Works sort like nitroglycerin, but safer and with a much stronger yield. Planning on showing this to Bradberton in the form of a "Nuka-nuke" to present to Braxton. Decided to call the substance "Quantum."

Ready to begin testing as a beverage as well.


User LogsEdit


User Logs
< Rex Meacham Signed In >

Meacham RMNC-0987004Edit


Meacham RMNC-0987004

John-Caleb really pulled out all the stops on this lab. When I requested our own dedicated reactor, I didn't think he would actually have one built. Aside from the security aspect, it's going to be convenient having a bunkhouse here to sleep after late nights.

J.C. has really put a lot of faith in us and I can't wait till the others see the new laboratory. We'll likely be hiring Junior Beverageers to deal with the Bottling Plant while we focus on Project Cobalt. I can't wait finally stop dabbling with soft drinks and get to some important, world-changing work.

Meacham RMNC-0987113Edit


Meacham RMNC-0987113

It's been a grueling few months, but we finally have something concrete we can show Bradberton. None of us have left the lab in the past three weeks, so I'm giving the others vacation time while J.C. and I go over the data with General Braxton. The sooner he signs off on the research, the sooner we can start testing. Dr. Leavitt wasn't happy when I put the whole Beverageer team onto Project Cobalt, but if she wants to keep her job at Nuka-World, she doesn't have much of a choice.

Meacham RMNC-0987115Edit


Meacham RMNC-0987115

After getting the final okay on our data from General Braxton, we began the actual synthesis process. Based on our initial data, we went with a strontium-90 derivative. It was an immediate success. The weapons we applied the new, bluish payload material to was amplified well beyond our expectations. Ironically, with a slight tweak to the synthesis, we ended up with a totally stable and relatively safe additive that could give a drink a unique bluish glow. I don't know why I was thinking soft drinks at that point, I suppose there was a little bit of Beverageer left in me after all.

Meacham RMNC-0987120Edit


Meacham RMNC-0987120

As far as our new soft drink went, I decided to call it "Quantum." To keep Dr. Leavitt from quitting the team, I put her in charge of that project while Bennell and Medford continued working on Project Cobalt. We had the boys over at the laboratory in Washington D.C. lend us a hand with the live subject testing. Isotopes CE770 and CE772 were close, but caused all sorts of problems with the test subjects. But when we hit CE774, it was that eureka moment we were waiting for. No deaths, only a few mild cases of dizziness and other benign side-effects. A new flavor was born.

Meacham RMNC-0987129Edit


Meacham RMNC-0987129

I was supposed to meet with Bradberton today. Unfortunately, Peyton Huxley said he was sick, but he assured me that J.C. was absolutely over the moon about the progress on the weapons program and the "Quantum" soft drink. He said the test pilot program in Washington D.C. had gone through the roof, and this could be the company's biggest seller in years. In fact, they decided to call it Nuka-Cola Quantum, using the name I came up with! I don't think the day could have gone any better. It's too bad J.C. wasn't around to celebrate.

Meacham RMNC-0987133Edit


Meacham RMNC-0987133

Ruth is dead. I had to do it. I had no choice. She was going to compromise the entire lab. Until I know what's going on up there, until I know for certain that the bombs have fallen, I can't afford to open that door. Not under any circumstances. Ruth, I'm so sorry. I'll always remember you.

Meacham RMNC-0987138Edit


Meacham RMNC-0987138

The last two weeks have been insane. The enemy finally went crazy and bombed the hell out of us, Ruth is dead and Edmund hung himself. Even as I type this, I'm having a difficult time processing it all. The only thing I can do is continue working on Project Cobalt. If there's a war going on above our heads, then we could be this country's only chance to tip the scales. I've had Kevin tweaking the isotope, it's still too unstable for our troops to handle. If we only had a little more time.

Meacham RMNC-0987145Edit


Meacham RMNC-0987145

I thought Kevin was with me on Project Cobalt. We've been safe down here for over a year now and there's no reason we couldn't keep going for at least another six months. Turns out he'd been plotting for weeks to try to leave the lab through the reactor's emergency overflow, probably trying to sell my work to the goddamn enemy! I couldn't let him go. I know I managed to hit him a few times with my pistol before he disappeared down the overflow tunnel. The blood loss and the radiation will surely finish him off. Serves him right... traitor.

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