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Alright, we can move now. Here's the key to the Fire Station.


The Searchlight fire station is a location in Camp Searchlight which is highly irradiated. To enter, you need to retrieve the Searchlight fire station key from Logan.


The entrance/garage area contains a radscorpion queen. On the wall next to some shelves are two fire axes. The upstairs level has a large room full of beds and duffle bags, as well as a kitchen containing numerous irradiated consumables.

Notable lootEdit

  • Knock-Knock, a unique fire axe found in the upstairs bathroom. It is in the stall with the skeleton, on the right side of the toilet.
  • A Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap on the table in the kitchen, next to empty bottles.
  • Seven fire helmets: five on the ground floor on the shelves, one upstairs in the Chief's office on a shelf, and one in the bathroom stall where Knock-Knock is found.
  • Legion orders - found on two recruit legionaries in the garage.


  • All the food in the kitchen is irradiated, yet the food in the refrigerator isn't.
  • To the left hand side upon entering there are two dead Legionaries whose corpses can be looted to find instructions given by Vulpes Inculta. In front of them are two flatbed trucks containing sealed canisters of nuclear waste, two of these canisters are on the ground; opened by the dead Legionaries. This is the source of the radiation which irradiated Camp Searchlight.
  • In front of the building there are two fire trucks that are too big to actually fit through the bay door.


The Searchlight fire station appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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