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Searchlight North gold mine
Hidden entrance within the gaps of the rock formation
Searchlight North Gold Mine loc
map markerSearchlight North Gold Mine
Other actors
creaturesGlowing trooper ghouls
Feral trooper ghouls
cell nameSLGoldMine02 (exterior)
SLGoldMine02INT (interior)
ref id000dead7 (exterior)
001555fc (interior)

I know that this place was originally a mining town before the NCR took it over. I think they mined gold before the war.

Private Edwards

The Searchlight North Gold Mine is a location in the Mojave Wasteland.


To the left of the entrance is a hollowed-out rock. The mine is a small cavern which contains a few feral trooper ghouls and 2 glowing ones. As you enter the mine you come to a crossroads, the left passageway has 3 ghouls and a Hard locked gate, inside the gate is a cavern which contains a small amount of ammunition and a few empty crates.

The right passageway leads to another crossroads with a ghoul standing between the 2 passageways. To the left is some crates with various foods and drinks. To the right of the shelves on the floor are 3 dynamite which are also free to take. To the right of the second crossroads is a passageway that leads down a fair way and there is a glowing one in the passageway.

After the glowing one, you come to another crossroads, the right way is blocked off by some big rocks but in the left side you will find another glowing one and a dead prospector. The prospector has the key to the hard locked gate and some ammunition.

Notable lootEdit


Searchlight North Gold Mine appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

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