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Still no sign of Cheryl. Rumors about the city are true - place is a death trap. Mutants and psychos at every turn.

Search party log #1

Searching for Cheryl is an unmarked quest in Fallout 3.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Unmarked Quest: Searching for Cheryl
Travel to L'Enfant South.
Take the search party log #1 from the burial mound.
Travel to the Ranger compound.
Access the exterior terminal for search party log #2.
Travel to the north of Potomac Bridge, DC.
Take the search party log #3 from the grave.
Travel north-west of the Sewer Waystation.
Take the search party log #4 from the grave.
Travel west, by southwest of Jury Street Metro station.
Discover the body of Manny Koch.
Reward: Mini nuke
various loot

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Follow the trail of a party who went out to find Cheryl, sister of the party leader.

First logEdit

Search party log1
In L'Enfant South you can find a burial mound containing search party log #1. After exiting Irradiated metro, turn right and the grave is in front of the last house on the right side of the street.

Second logEdit

As mentioned in the first log, go to the Ranger compound and access the outdoor terminal to read the 2nd log, about the Canterbury search party. The terminal can either be unlocked by getting the code from Reilly during the Reilly's Rangers quest, or is a very hard hack.

Third logEdit

Search Party Log 3 pos

Grave with party log #3, just north of east end of Arlington Memorial bridge

The "Western Ruins" mentioned in the second log are located to the north of Potomac Bridge, below the Festive raider camp. The search party log #3 is in a second burial mound there. To get to that raider camp, travel to Dukov's Place go south towards the Potomac Bridge (the only bridge over the big river for miles). Between the raider camp and the bridge you can find the grave.

Last logEdit

Search Party Log 4 pos

Grave with #4, northwest of sewer waystation

Search party log #4 is in a grave directly northwest of the sewer waystation. To find the grave, walk toward a big Corvega billboard (which may have an Enclave poster stamped on it if you have completed the Waters of Life quest). The grave is to the left of and before you get to the billboard, in front of the fence, on the northeast side of some rocks.

Find MannyEdit

A short distance west-southwest of Jury Street Metro station, you run into a group of super mutants hiding out near a small wrecked train. Entering the container with the shopping cart cages causes a super mutant behemoth to appear from the east-northeast (this may be quick, or take a while, as he runs toward you from a distance). In this camp you can find the corpse of Manny Koch, leader of the search party. Apart from the loot on his body, the main reward is a mini nuke on the behemoth.

Log transcriptsEdit


  • The super mutant behemoth is not triggered by the quest but appears when you approach the cart cage with the teddy bear. In this sense, there is no reward for this quest as all loot mentioned can be acquired without completing any quest steps.
  • The behemoth will not respawn if you already killed him before starting this quest. There is nothing gained from finding the burial mounds, aside from low level loot, such as 10mm pistols and ammunition, even if accomplished at level 30.


pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 Manny Koch may be quite alive and very hostile to the player if the super mutant camp was cleared prior to progressing through the quest and meeting him there. The behemoth trigger doesn't need to be activated. In this case the player has no choice but to defend themself against the woefully under-equipped Manny. His body may be glitched (360 no patch), either distorting in space, or falling into pieces then reforming. If he grabs a weapon, this one may become invisible. If killed he will drop a finger (with the lawbringer perk). [verified]

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