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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Grant, an NCR policeman assigned to guard the Westin Ranch.


{100}{}{You see a guard.}
{101}{}{You see Grant, the guard}
{102}{}{You see a guard. His armor and weapons are in excellent condition.}
{103}{}{This is private property, please move along.}
{104}{}{Who live here?}
{105}{}{Ok, me go.}
{106}{}{Excuse me but who lives here?}
{107}{}{All right, I'll be going.}
{108}{}{Are you ready to leave?}
{109}{}{Me want go.}
{110}{}{No, me stay.}
{111}{}{Yes, I need to be going now.}
{112}{}{No, I'll hang around a bit longer.}
{113}{}{This is Westin Ranch, home of councilman Westin.}
{114}{}{Me need see.}
{115}{}{Ok. Bye.}
{116}{}{I need to see the councilman, please.}
{117}{}{I see. Well, I'll be on my way.}
{118}{}{What business do you have with Mr. Westin?}
{119}{}{Me need job.}
{120}{}{Just want chat.}
{123}{}{I'm looking for work and I hear that he's hiring.}
{124}{}{I would like to chat with Mr. Westin.}
{125}{}{Never mind, I'll come back later.}
{126}{}{Hmm... I seem to remember something about work being available. All right, come on in. Don't cause any trouble though, I'll be watching you.}
{127}{}{Me thank.}
{129}{}{Mr. Westin doesn't just 'chat' with anyone who walks in off the street. If you don't have specific business with him then I suggest you leave until such time as you do. Now please go away.}
{131}{}{(sigh) I've heard that Mr. Westin has a soft spot for people like you. Come on in.}
{132}{}{Me thank you.}
{133}{}{Yeah, yeah. I am in the middle of something.}
{134}{}{Hey, get away from there!}
{135}{}{You should ask before you play with things that aren't yours.}
{136}{}{Hello. Did you need to see Mr. Westin again?}
{139}{}{Me have things from Vault City for Mr. Westin.}
{140}{}{I have something from Vault City for Mr. Westin.}
{141}{}{All right, come on in. Don't cause any trouble though, I'll be watching you.}
{142}{}{Your not allowed on to the ranch without official busniess.}

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