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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Saltbeef Bob, a resident of NCR town.


{100}{}{You see an old grubby man with stringy hair.}
{101}{}{It's the guy they call Saltbeef Bob}
{102}{}{He's got about three teeth and a face criss-crossed with the little veins of a drunkard. He smells bad too.}
{103}{}{Howdy, stranger!}
{105}{}{Who are you?}
{106}{}{Name's Bob. Saltbeef Bob, yep. How about you?}
{107}{}{What'd you say your name was again, stranger? I'm Saltbeef Bob.}
{108}{}{[Player name]}
{109}{}{Saltbeef? What kind of name is that?}
{110}{}{What are you doing here?}
{111}{}{That's a right fine name, yep. Say, you wouldn't have a drink on ya, pardner?}
{114}{}{Get away from me, you stinking bum!}
{115}{}{Well, there warn't no need to be rude about it. Just wanted a little sip, see. Steady my nerves...}
{116}{}{Hoo-wee! Sounds like you got yerself some mighty fine hooch there! Say, hows about sharing a little? Just a little sip.}
{117}{}{Drink! Good!}
{119}{}{Easy, pardner! Can't blame a man fer asking, can ya? I'll just leave you be then.}
{120}{}{(Gulp, gulp, gulp) Aaaahhhh! That's right fine of you, stranger! Fine person, indeed. Kind a man should have as his pardner. (Gulp) Did I ever tell you about the time I made my big strike?}
{122}{}{Hey, quit drinking all my booze!}
{124}{}{It was back in '78 and me and Bessie - best 'bot a man ever had - we was u-ra-ni-um prospecting west o' here. We hadn't turned up a rad's worth o' beans when all of a sudden five - no, I'm sure it was ten - deathclaws jumped us.}
{125}{}{They fought like hellcats. I fired so much I melted down my rifle barrel and was going at 'em knife to claw when old Bessie finally fused her last circuit board. Well, I tried to save her, but it warn't no use. Finally had to cut and run, keeping 'em off with rocks all the way.}
{126}{}{Well, things looked bad when I stumbled into this cave. Thought I was a goner fer sure. Figured it was their lair - but I had me my torch so I went inside. Hoo-wee, it was a deep cave. And that's when I saw it.}
{127}{}{It was a great big door, like them kinds you see in the old video flics. Big and made o' steel. An on it was carved a great, big 13!}
{128}{}{I knew I'd found it, the mother lode, the Vault 13. I sat right down and made me a map. Damn near died getting out o' there, past them deathclaws and then the sun o' the desert and no water.}
{129}{}{By the time I staggered into Shady Sands, I was mostly dead. Took me to the doc and fixed me up, but that doc stole my map. I knows it and that's all I gots to say.}
# took this out -- Got anymore o' that drink, stranger?
{131}{}{Tarnation, it's a good and honest name, is what it is! The boys let me do some cooking around here and if you weren't such a tinhorn you'd know that and know to respect yer elders.}
{132}{}{Sorry, old-timer didn't mean to rile you.}
{133}{}{Well bite me, old timer!}
{134}{}{Rile me? Rile me! You ain't seen me riled yet! Now jes' git outta my sight before you gets me really upset! Gwan! Git!}
{135}{}{Well bite me, too! Now yer talking. Don't take no lip from nobody, pardner! Say, you got any hooch on ya? Just a little sip?}
{138}{}{Get away from me you, stinking bum!}
{139}{}{Hee, hee, hee! It's mine now, pardner. You'll jes' have to find yer own!}
{140}{}{Boss let's me stay here. I run this stable! Do a little cleaning, keep a square camp.}
{141}{}{Saltbeef? What kind of name is that?}
{142}{}{Pleased to meet you. I'm}
{143}{}{Hell and thunder, you again? Git yer scrawny ass outta my sight!}
{144}{}{Bite me!}
{145}{}{You're a fiesty one, old timer}
{146}{}{Damn right I am! You don't have a little drink on you, do you now? Fer an old man.}
{149}{}{Get away from me you stinking bum!}