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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Robodog, Dr. Henry's pet dog in NCR town


{100}{}{You see a strange half-dog, half-metal thing. It appears to be activated.}
{101}{}{It's Robodog! Everybody's favorite pet!}
{102}{}{Either this thing is some horrible stitched together combination of dog and machine or it's all machine, cunningly done to look like a dog. It's hard to tell.}
{103}{}{Arf! <click> Woof!}
{105}{}{.whirrrrr...I am not a Daggit.}
{107}{}{Woof! Wo-wo-wo-<click>woof.}
{108}{}{<sprzzzt> Meow...error.}
{111}{}{How-woooo! <click-click> How-wooo!}
{112}{}{Yipe! Yipe! Yipe!}
{113}{}{Danger! Danger!}
{114}{}{Rowf! <tick-tick-tick> Rowf!}
{115}{}{<whirrr> Not bird, nor plane, nor even frog, just lil' old me - Robodog!<click>}
{122}{}{I don't think I want to rejoin you just yet. Goodbye.}
{123}{}{Rowf? <boing> Raggy?}
{124}{}{How are you?}
{125}{}{I need you to wait here until I come back.}
{126}{}{That's it for now.}
{127}{}{<click> whimper}
{128}{}{Never mind.}
{131}{}{Cyberdog can't be repaired anymore at this time.}
{132}{}{Cyberdog has been repaired some.}
{133}{}{Cyberdog is all fixed now.}
#specific party messages
{1000}{}{Woof! Wo-wo-wo-<click>woof?}
{1100}{}{Arf! <click> Woof!}
{1200}{}{Rowf? <boing> Raggy?}
{1300}{}{<click> whimper.}
{1400}{}{How-woooo! <click-click> How-wooo!}
{1500}{}{Ee-bee-dee-bee-ee-bee-dee-bee!} //Wait here resoponse
{1600}{}{Sure thing, I'll put it away.} //Put weapons away
{1700}{}{Arf-arf proximity set to close.} //Close
{1800}{}{Arf-arf proximity set to medium.} //Medium
{1900}{}{Arf-arf proximity set to far.} //Far
{2000}{}{.whirrrrr...I am not a Daggit.}
{2200}{}{Woof! Wo-wo-wo-<click>woof?}
{2204}{}{Ok your at a good distance for now.}

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