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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Ratch, junkyard hobo in the NCR Bazaar.


{100}{}{It's a heap of rags that might have a person under it.}
{101}{}{You see Ratch, probably picking at some lice.}
{102}{}{It could be a human. It might be a mutant. All you can tell for sure is that it smells really, really bad.}
{103}{}{Junk for sale, junk for sale. Look it over, make me an offer.}
{104}{}{Sure, whatever.}
{106}{}{So what's for sale?}
{107}{}{You look like you're good with your hands. You do have hands, don't you?}
{108}{}{I got $5. You got any good gossip?}
{110}{}{See that one there? That's my favorite - that one's Edna. I name all my stuff, see - they're like chidlren to me. I hate having to sell 'em, but I got to eat.}
{111}{}{You're messing with all my children!}
{112}{}{Yeah, right. Here's a fiver. You know any good gossip?}
{113}{}{O-kay - aren't you just special! Maybe I should shop someplace else.}
{114}{}{Let me look at your stock again.}
{115}{}{I think me and Edna will be going now.}
{116}{}{Well, thank god that stranger didn't take you child...My stuff is like my children, see.}
{117}{}{Uhh - of course.}
{118}{}{Well, I think I'll be going now.}
{119}{}{I can fix up all sorts of stuff. Got me blower, named it Claudia, fit most any car - give it a lot more power. Only $1000. You interested?}
{120}{}{Dummy, we already talked about that.}
{121}{}{You bet, Claudia's my kind of - whatever.}
{122}{}{Maybe something else.}
{123}{}{Heard tell there's a doc here in town, says he's got some miracle cure. I ain't taking it though...}
{124}{}{Then there's Saltbeef. Old coot says he's found a gold mine...}
{125}{}{Miss Dorothy and Toto was out here last week, looking for some parts to fix the powerplant. I couldn't help them, though...}
{126}{}{There's talk in town that what happened to Westin wasn't no accident. Some folks thinking there's too many suspicious strangers around...}
{127}{}{Thanks for the money, but I don't know anything more.}
{128}{}{Here's another fiver.}
{129}{}{Can I see your stuff?}
{130}{}{Well, thanks for the info.}
{131}{}{Well, gimme six hours. I should have it fixed up by then.}
{132}{}{Before you do, a little more of your time.}
{133}{}{Good enough. I'll see you later.}
{134}{}{Look, if you get the cash, come back. I'll probably still have it.}
{135}{}{Fair enough.}
{137}{}{There she is! Claudia's all installed.}
{138}{}{Gimme a little more time. I'm still working on the cussed thing.}
{139}{}{Whoa! I don't think I've got a spare brain for you.}